Hellz To The Motherfucken YEAH!

There is nothing better than an ice cold bottle of chardonnay and a big motherfucken plate of fresh dungeness crabbes!


  1. sailor1031 says

    Fucke the Chardonnay – should be Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc! and crabs? u mean fucken spanokopita don’t u?

  2. Runcible Fungo says

    Your blogge suckes major ass & you are a disgrace to the
    bloggeing community. What kind of Chardonnay?

  3. blindrobin says

    Chardonnay??!!! Really? Blechhhhhhhh may as well have a Vimto. Krabbes, by the way, require beer mate, a good clean bitter, there are many.

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