Obama to join mourning Connecticut families in search for answers

We already know the fucken answer, and have no need to “search” for more of them: There is no legitimate reason for ordinary citizens to own mega-clip semi-automatic weapons. None.

And if their real goal is to get citizens armed and ready to prevent shitte like this from going down by “taking out” the shooter, then all these delusional right-wing microdicke Republican gun fetishists should be 100% on board with banning semi-automatic weapons. Because this way the shooter is going to have to reload after only one shot–or a few shots if the next angry white d00d who is shooting the fucken place uppe has more than one gun–and then all the armed citizens will have plenty of time to “take him out”, instead of all getting slaughtered with the other victims in a massive hail of bullets.

Of course, we all know that their real goal has nothing to with preventing the slaughter of kindergartners, and everything to do with delusional phallic power fantasies to compensate for their real-world angry white d00d ineffectual dicklessness.


  1. Cottonblimp says

    Politicians “searching for answers” is like theologists wanting “productive dialogue” – just nice sounding euphemisms for inaction.

    In the meantime, let’s all get together and pray and feel nice and brotherly while nothing changes, the cancer festers and spreads; we can all feel a little better about ourselves until the next shooting massacre.


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