Mourning On Teevee

Is there some compelling reason why these poor fuckes in Newtown, CT, shouldn’t be left alone to grieve as individuals and as a community in private, and not on goddamn motherfucken teevee?


  1. Chebag says

    It is easier for journalists to do this crap than to pursue hard policy questions on gun availability? Just guessing.

  2. F [disappearing] says

    Yeah, I was sort of watching something or other which was interrupted (initially unnoticed) by some tasteless stomach-churning “service”. ,,,and now the piano player… oh ffs.

  3. sailor1031 says

    This is NEWS. A saleable comodity – and sales is what newsmedia is about any more. So fukke finer feelings, make these poor bastards suffer some more in the rush to titillate the american amind*. Even NPfukken R pre-empted regular programming to give totally content-free “coverage” to this tragedy – like this was an event such as has never fukken happened in the USA before….

    * mind – amind; like moral – amoral

  4. DaveUK says

    I remember that in Dunblane, community leaders approached the media and politely told them to fuck off after 2 or 3 days. The dude who does the press conferences (wears the awesome hat) effectively said the same thing to the media in Newtown this morning, but I’m not sure they were listening.

    I think the media coverage has been disgusting, but I’m not sure I can put my finger on why I think that. It just doesn’t seem genuine to me.

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