1. indradawn says

    WTF?? I normally enjoy Freethoughtblogs, and I’ve found a number of fantastic bloggers through my freethoughtblogs Facebook feed, but this is just fucking offensive. The only person that wanted “piles of dead Kindergartners” is the gutterslime that pulled the trigger here. If you’re going to make a horrific blanket statement about an entire group of people and how they wish for children to die, BACK IT UP with something that makes sense, please. You contribute absolutely NOTHING to the conversation when a real, honest conversation about guns, violence, mental illness and desperation is begging to happen in this country. I thought blogging meant actually THINKING and WRITING about what you think about. I can’t believe somebody actually gives you a platform to spout this garbage.

  2. Paul Hunter says

    Mental health is the real issue, but all we’re going to hear is agonized blame fixing, followed by calls for restricting “someone” freedom.

  3. daviddurant says

    Honestly, what the fuck.

    I’ve never known why this account is on FTB, I assumed it was some kind of sock-puppet put together in order to drive outrage traffic but this is too much.

    This really _will_ drive people away.

    Ed, PZ – enough – kill this.

  4. Chris Tumminello says

    C’mon…I’m a subscriber to FTB, but this is over the top, counter-productive trolling. If you want people to take you seriously, perhaps you should display a tone that provokes actual discussion and even reasonable debate, rather than something like this garbage that even your supporters are insulted by. This stimulates nothing except distaste and alienation.

  5. eigenperson says

    Do you genuinely believe that Republicans want “piles of dead kindergarteners”?

    (And if you don’t, why the fuck did you write this post?)

  6. Jonathan says

    Decades of Walter Mitty gun-fetishism by microdicke right-wing Republican filth has achieved what they objectively want.

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Congratulations on demonstrating once again how little you seem to understand the concepts of rationality and scepticism. Well done also on using the massacre of defenceless children as a means to peddle your hatred of Republicans.

    You’re no better than Eric Hovind. Stick to the recipes.

  7. Timothy Greene says

    School homicides have fallen steadily over the past decades. Has the number of guns in America fallen? Of course not. Violent crimes in the nation’s schools (rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault have also fallen. These two trends follow along with the general population. Source: National Center for Education Statistics and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  8. slc1 says

    My advice to the fucken Yankee fan in response to these negative comments is, Illegitimi non carborundum.

  9. Francisco Bacopa says

    Why is everyone pining on the Proffe? All he seems to be doing here is making a bold case against the doctrine of Double Effect, going farther than simply saying that foreseeable outcomes are intended, but also even wanted.

  10. Jay says

    There are many pro gun Democrats.

    What there is few of is Free Thought Bloggers that believe in free thinking or that can demonstrate any ability to think at all.

    You’re a total douchebag.

  11. says

    Oh yes, gosh, how UNFAIR. Republicans don’t WANT piles of dead kindergarteners. They just want guns MORE than they want to prevent piles of kindergarteners from being killed. BIG difference.

    It’s kinda like how Republicans don’t WANT lots of women to die in childbirth. They just want to institute Christian theocratic rules MORE than they want to prevent women from dying in childbirth. (For the ignorant: I’m referring to the GOP fondness for restricting access to birth control and abortion.)

  12. Pteryxx says


    The advocacy group Gun Owners of America know exactly how the Newtown massacre might have been averted: Guns in schools.

    And in the hours after the tragedy, Larry Pratt, the group’s executive director is calling on state and federal lawmakers to overturn any bans on guns in schools. More hauntingly, he is suggesting gun control advocates “have the blood of little children on their hands.”

    Here is his statement:

    “Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.”

  13. Francisco Bacopa says

    WTF is going on here? Sally Strange got it right. I think it’s pretty clear that Republicans delight in women dying. Even Rick Santorum had the guts to wish death upon his own wife and express his regrets over how his wife’s troubled pregnancy turned out.

    They actively wish death on women. I’d bet 8/3 odds that they work this around to wishing death upon children,

  14. Saurs says

    For the commenters positively scandalized by what the Proffe has got to say: what, precisely, is offensive about directly linking the outcome of right-wing policies and the policies themselves? ‘Cos this is precisely what happens: innocent women and children die. Are we supposed to ignore this predictable outcome because it’s vulgar to admit that intent isn’t magic, that when a powerful group advocates something that has obvious consequences, in one sense or another, they are actively enabling those consequences?

    The FtB commentariat at large have, lately, been pretty receptive to the notion that when you talk racist shite, that when you talk misogynist shite, you’ve got an ulterior motive plain as the proverbial nose. And yet this is a bridge too far. Folk have got an obligation to prevent this from happening again. It didn’t happen in a vacuum. It happened in a specific context, and that context includes Republican apologia for certain kinds of (white, male) violence, Republican-fueled attempts at thwarting and silencing dissent when dissent is precisely what is called for.

  15. Larkness says

    Speaking for nobody but myself, what bothers me is not the point of the post but the flippancy of the title. It just seems disrespectful to me. I don’t have a better way of explaining why. Also, my daughter is in Kindergarten. The imagery evoked is unnecessarily graphic and upsetting. I’ve been tortured enough by my own imagination these last few days and don’t need any outside help, thanks much.

    I apologize if this makes me a tone troll or overly sensitive or whatever.

    Back to lurking for me.

  16. Grumble says

    I’m 100% with CPP and Saurs.

    Saying that pro-gun Republicans don’t want piles of dead people is like saying tobacco companies don’t want people to be addicted to nicotine, or that chemical weapons manufacturers don’t want their weapons used on people – or, for that matter, that gun manufacturers don’t want people to be murdered.

    Of course, they are all a bit conflicted, right? They say they don’t want these horrible things to happen, and at one level that’s true – no one wants people to dies, especially children.

    Yet, actions have consequences. When those consequences are 100% predictable, then the actor is 100% responsible for the consequences.

    I am TIRED of sane people caving in to the washed out, irrational arguments of gun proponents. Something needs to be done, and NOW. CPP’s comments are a call to action, and in my view they simply state the truth as it (almost) is. There are only two parts of his post I disagree with: 1) He should have said pro-gun Republicans, because there are some who are not gun nuts, and 2) He should blame Democrats for not standing up to the gun lobby. Democratic politicians have ceded WAY too much ground to these wackos in recent years.

    Twenty children dead. Is this enough to wake us up? I say we should start a movement to repeal the 2nd amendment and replace it with a law that allows guns to be checked out from gun clubs for hunting only. The “right to keep and bear arms” should not be a right in a civilized nation that does not want its people to be mass-murdered on a regular basis.

  17. says

    I do object to the idea that gun nuts are irresponsible irrational with their gun fetishes and the consequences thereof because they have small dicks. You don’t have to have a small dick to be a fucking asshole. I know some small dicked men who are totally awesome and don’t deserve to be tarred with this.

  18. Chebag says

    Also, it was the presumptively dicke-free mother of the SandyHook shooter who was the gun nutt, by reports.

  19. Chebag says

    Btw. Has anyone else ever seen one of these “open carry” demos where pathetic ineffectual assholes strut around with their guns for an hour in public? CPP has found a rare nut on this one. Those idiots are clearly harboring a lot of inadequacy and ineffectuality in their shriveled psyches.

  20. Saurs says

    Lanza’s mother also happened to be his first victim, Chebag. But, yes, like Althouse, let’s try to figure out how this is really some lady’s fault. I hear there’s also a girlfriend somewhere out there. Perhaps we can spread some of the blame for his actions her way, as well. After all, male violence is so often chalked up to working mothers / frigid bitches / abortion / boy-stifling misandrist society, et al.

  21. Saurs says

    Also, what SallyStrange said. Lacking a huge, super-soaker dick from the pornos is not a crime nor a flaw. That this culture is so intently preoccupied with male sexual prowess (where penis equals weapon to be used on hawt ladies) is part of the fuckenne problemme of which we speakke.

  22. BBBShrewHarpy says

    It’s not just the gun-nuttery. The inadequacy of our health-care system, the abandonment of mentally ill people since the Reagan era, the starving of the Common Good owing to the allergy of Republicans to reasonable taxation of its citizens, yes even the very rich ones who of course have no need of infrastructure because all their money is earned gambling rather than making something. All of it led to this utter alienation of those on the margins and the lack of support for those who care for them.

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