Filthy Republican Scum Continue To Destroy Everything

The only proper fate for the republican party is to be completely broken and kicked to the curb, so their despicable reign of terror can finally end. Republicans hate America, and they hate every foundational principle of this country other than slavery. The sooner these filth are finally rendered electorally impotent–which is only awaiting the end of the influence of their gerrymandering in 2010–the sooner we can work on creating a decent nation.


  1. jon says

    it’s the extreme rationality, coupled with robust explanations and in-dept analyses -all properly sourced- that make your posts so powerful and worth-while.

    not like a bunch not-very-well-thought-though brainfarts at all

  2. Grumble says

    He’s angry, Jon, as we all are (or should be). If one can’t express one’s anger on one’s own blogge, where else can one express it?

  3. blindrobin says

    It’s a bit more complicated than that and a whole big ‘ole buncha Democrats share the blame but, yeah, mostly. I share the rage but I direct my anger more at the owners and managers than the players. The incestuous nature of the corporate/financial/government communes that inhabit Washington and the state capitols is where the canker gnaws.

  4. Jay says

    Yes, I agree with you Comradde. We must kill all Republicans!

    These subhuman scum, why must we tolerate them!? They would sell us down the river, cut out our hearts, shit down our necks, fuck our mothers, death to Republicans, the vilest scum on the planet!

    We must smother them in their sleep, stab them at the bus stops, pepper spray them at the voting booths, kick them at the malls, slit their throats as they exit class.

    Kill all Republicans now.

    Amidoing this rite Comradde?

  5. juniper says

    Amidoing this rite Comradde?

    Obviously not. He didn’t call for the murder of anyone.

    If one can’t express one’s anger on one’s own blogge, where else can one express it?

    I agree 100%.

    There is a significant portion of the FTB commentariat that has two problems: 1) they don’t understand that some bloggers disagree with them about how to blog and 2) they don’t realize that preferring hauteur to anger is a cultural and personal preference, not proof of one’s superiority at logic.

  6. fuckesatonne says

    “We must kill all Republicans!


    Amidoing this rite Comradde?”

    Obviously not, or you would have said, “kille all Republicannes!!”

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