PZ Myers Isn’t A Feminist

These fuckes think of women not as individual human beings that engage in things like friendship and humor, but as contextless walking vagina vending machines that exist solely to dispense sex when you put in a coin and push the right buttons. This is why it simply does not compute to them that context matters and that it makes a difference who you say something to, when you say it to them, where you say it, and why you are saying it.

Itte’s genuinely sadde how poorly attuned to the nuances of human interaction these pathetic fuckes are, but, accordingly, not at all surprising that they are unable to discriminate sexual harrassment from flirting, and confuse policies meant to prevent sexual harrassment with bans on flirting.


  1. Stacy says

    I propose a sort of Golden Turkey award for the Entertainingly-Worst anti-FtB videos of the year. The Golden Douchenozzle, say?

    If I were on the nominating committee I’d for sure nominate this one. Also the one where Wooly Bumblebee was explaining why Ophelia Benson is a cunt, not a bitch.

  2. says

    Good grief, Comradde! I am going to hold you responsible for the utter waste of 4 minutes and 9 seconds of my life, you know! Couldn’t you have at least mentioned somewhere the name of the pathetic fucker who perpetrated this putrescent idiocy?

    Sigh. I wish I had first taken a gander at the account holder of the original video on YT. The said idiot has proven time and again that he doesn’t understand context or nuances, and is incapable of any adult conversation – in short, everything the you have indicated above.

  3. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    Didn’t you know? Feminist = Incredible Prude! If you’re a feminist, you can NEVER make jokes about sex or talk about it in any way, except to mention how disgusting it is!

  4. F [disappearing] says

    Pfft. Some of this stuff doesn’t count at all as nuance. They are willfully ignorant morons.

  5. octoberfurst says

    Wow, PZ really is a douchbag! And this is the man who is supposed to be such a strong advocate of feminism? Seriously? He came across as a dirty old man. “Let’s see you belly dance!” “It I win you get to have sex with me!” That was truly embarrassing to watch.

  6. says

    Most surprising to me is how alledgely scepticals that should be used to quote-mine strategies by creationists can use it to promote their own pathetic agenda. It’s pure irony that they don’t see the ugly in theirs.

  7. Zeferino says

    This has to be the worst attempt at flirting. Ever. The ladies look uncomfortable and PZ sleazy and unfunny. PZ is to comedy what Rebecca Watson is to discussing Science… They don’t get it!

  8. Jay says

    I muste confesse I think the contexte of elevator guye asking Rebecca Watson for coffee and leaving it at that seems less harassing than PZ Myers making this woman an unwitting foil for his sexist and creepy jokes without asking her consente.

    I think the power dynamics are such that Myers’ behavior is worsee, similar to Watson piling on McGraf.

    It’s not really thrilling that you can’t see that, or that you would excuse Myers for behavior that you and Myers would excoriate others for.

    “I was just making a joke. Don’t you have a sense of humor? I’m the victim here.”

    Anyway, havee a goode weeeeeknd

  9. Suido says

    Shitte attracttes flies, apparently.

    Jokes about sex during a talk about evolutionary processes = sleaziness, sexism and creepiness. Obviously.

    @Kausik: the video was made by Reap Paden.

  10. =8)-DX says

    Just a note on the context – PZ’s “If I win you get to have sex with me!” was regarding an explanation of reproductive genetics with playing cards. The “having sex” was exchanging a few cards to provide a demonstration of genetic recombination as far as I understand it.


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