Moby Dicke Booke Clubbe

Based on the cool suggestion by Historiann, I am proposing to run a Moby Dicke booke clubbe. The plan is to poste one chapter every other day, and then discuss the chapter in the comments. This will thus take about nine months to go through the whole book.

In order to determine if this is going to be worth doing, please respond in the comments if you are interested in participating, which would require at least occasional commenting (not on every chapter, obviously, but at least sometimes).


  1. Lithified Detritus says

    I’m not sure where this idea came from, but it could be fun.

    Moby Dicke is a great book. I first read it at 17, when I spent a month in the hospital. Much of it went over my head at that time, and at that age I was reading it as a serious work. I read it again a few years back and had an entirely different take on it. It is a serious work, but Melville also shows a sense of humor. Ishmael’s initial encounter with Queequeg is freaking hilarious. The story also offers a window into a place and time totally alien to the modern American.

    Count me in.

  2. fuckesatonne says

    “if you are interested in participating, which would require at least occasional commenting…”

    Well, hey, if it requires only posting and not reading the chapter, count me in. I think it would be great to read a whole bunch of posts from people who don’t know what the fucke they’re talking about. That would be such a unique, refreshing experience.

  3. Chebag says

    I can’t believe a serious person like PalmD is actually encouraging this crappe. Does this guy pay you off or what?

  4. says

    Fratguy is also in. He’s the English major around here. I don’t know why he didn’t post here himself. (Oh, yeah–3 days of call in a row! Awesome!!!)

  5. Matt_L says

    Absolutely. Sounds great. I’ve read it as a comic book (in college procrastinating on my senior thesis) and the novel (grad student procrastinating on dissertation). I’ve got a heinous article deadline that keeps slipping. This is perfect. I found out about this from the post over at Historiann’s place.

  6. fourtinefork says

    I have tried to read Moby Dick before. It never worked. Fine. I will try again. I assume we can drink lots of rum while doing this? Rum? Navy-strength gin? Something?

  7. says

    Well, fuckkkkkkkke, as an English prof and an Americanist, I reckon I gotta get in on this action. I’ll try to catch up and promise to promote it on my blog if I ever get to the bottom of the piles of papers demanding my attention. Cool idea, CPP!


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