1. ShowMetheData says

    What video-game ? XCOM?
    Just playing through that right now but have not met the Contigs
    Do they have a super-psychic power. I just got my Psi-Lab set up(don’t have any psi-hardened soldiers yet)
    Playing it on easy and having a blast


    BLAST the contigs – use the BLAST program to find contiguous snippets of homologenous genes

  2. steve84 says

    Doesn’t sound like XCOM. But easy? Come on. You can sleepwalk through that. At least try normal. Classic is where it’s really at.

  3. david says

    So you put out a feeler to see if any of your readers have similar experience. Sort of like blasting your own life.

  4. F [disappearing] says


    Ah, BLAST then. Makes sense to me now.


    Your wife is upset because you are doing stuff that interferes with relationship time, so the solution is to have a girlfriend? OK!

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