Web Designers Who Should Be Fired And Never Get Another Job

Whoever designed the USA Today Web site is an incompetent fucken assebagge. Was this idiotic motherfucker aware that computer screen aspect ratios are getting WIDER when he decided to make the actual content of the motherfucken article occupy one quarter of the motherfucken screen width while also wasting a huge amount of the available vertical space with bullshitte?

UPDATE: Here’s a properly designed news Web site:


  1. Zugswang says

    That is pretty terrible. I think whoever told the web designer what to do should be fired. It’s hard to make something good when the people who are paying you are idiots who think the CNN news crawl is too subtle and unobtrusive.

  2. 'smee says

    Agree completely: It’s ugly, fails in the dual role of the site (disseminating “news”, and getting eyeballs to go to ads), and is likely the result of some corporate asshats rather than any designer (who likely wants to build cool, but primarily just wants a paycheck)

    I am straw-bossing a dinky little mobility deal for a major corporate (Fortune 100): it’s an app to be used by a large proportion of their US workforce, and will be used as the basis of other apps in future and ultimately across the world. You would think they would want to be all over this with UX expertise defining the direction…


    Compliance & Audit are dictating the use cases; mid-level managers who think crayons are high-tech are dictating the visuals; and the people who will use the app are stuck with a choice between “ugly and hard to use” and “slightly less ugly but even harder to use”.

    We brought a hugely innovative and experienced team to execute. They have largely been ignored… not all at once, but though a death of a million timny, teensy, microscopic little “tweaks”

    SO: It’s not unique to USAToday.

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