Design of Business Processes

Badde wackaloon shitte happens when business processes are designed by people who haven’t the slightest fucken clue how the real business actually gets done, and they are so fucken deluded by their own cleverness that they don’t even realize how fucken clueless they are. And yes, the people who actually have to get the fucken business done *will* find workarounds for your bullshitte broken processes because THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU.


  1. Em says

    My history has told me that when business processes are not driven (at least in part) by the people doing them, it is a good time for me to find a different place to work.

  2. 'smee says

    I agree completely.

    BP should be driven from the top by “definition of strategy”, and from the bottom by “ability to execute that strategy”

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