The United States Post Office

Can someone please explain to me where this deranged idea came from that the US Postal Service needs to “operate like a business” and “be profitable”? Last I checked, mail delivery was a government service just like building and maintaining roads, police and fire departments, air traffic control, DMVs, etc.

Where did this fucked uppe sicke notion come from that postage is supposed to be the sole source of funds to operate the postal service? Do motor vehicle registration and driver’s license fees fully support your state’s DMV? Does anyone even ask that question or think they should?


  1. gingerest_ says

    Yeah, and if you can’t make it profitable, declare there’s insufficient demand for it, and so it is a waste of precious gubmint resources and needs to be shut down. Because otherwise the commies win.

  2. says

    The post presupposes that the status quo allocation of “government services” versus “private services” must be the right one, and no changes should ever be considered.

    Japan somewhat recently privatized its postal service, although the process there is ongoing. It wasn’t too long ago that most phone companies were government-owned. That is, telephone service was presumed to be a government service. I’m sure when telephone service was privatized, there were similar rants.

  3. thebookofdave says

    The USPS does a better job of reaching out to red-meat conservatives in the sticks. That’s what kept them off the chopping block until now. Whenever they deliver momma’s birthday card through the snow to a latte-sippin city liberal, though, that’s socialism.

  4. lochaber says

    Have a problem with the government (or say a bridge)?

    Go pick some aspect (or support pillar) and lean on it until it breaks.

    Maybe start whacking it with a sledge hammer or going at it with a hacksaw to insure it’s strong enough to meet real world stresses.

    When it gives, stand back and proclaim to the masses that ‘it failed due to internal rot and corruption, and it couldn’t even support it’s own weight’, and point out how ‘since the government (or the bridge) still stands, this one piece couldn’t have been necessary, and was actually a weakness that needed to be eliminated’

    Then go find another aspect (support pillar, truss, cable, etc.) and repeat.
    Maybe it’s education, or the Park Service, or the DMV, the USPS, Social Security or even law enforcement. Take your choice, you’ll get a chance to give each of them (and more) a personal visit. Eventually, you’ll manage to demonstrate how the whole government is riddled with rot and corruption, and fails to support it’s own weight.

    And all of us will be better off falling down a cliff, trudging through muck, and climbing another cliff then if we could merely walk across a bridge, because that is clearly a waste of resources we could better use scaling cliffs.

  5. says

    The Republicans. That’s why they pushed through a law that demanded that the USPS fund its pension plan FOR THE NEXT 75 YEARS, as of now. Thus, a part of the government-esque world that actually worked quite well was forced to fail. Or see comment 5.

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