A Thanksgiving Thought

This comment by Doug Broome of Vancouver that I read today on a NY Times op-ed resonates with the fucken truth:

If inequality were a an hour-long parade the first 10 minutes would be invisible since the marchers have negative worth and consequently are underground. You would then have tiny marchers of up to a foot tall for 30 minutes before people gradually approached “normal” height at the 50 minute mark while the seven-footers start appearing at 55 minutes.

The big surprises of the parade are bunched together in the last seconds. The 200 feet tall giants followed by thousand foot towers and then the three mile high behemoths lost in the clouds, their feet pulverizing buildings.

It was The Economist which had this analogy of inequality about 20 years ago when things were much better.

Now inequality crushes democracy. The broken subterranean lives at the front of the march are shattered with the children of America cast aside. The entire direction of public policy is to pulverize the damaged. The controlling 0.1 per cent has utterly departed civil society to a world of private roads, schools, hospitals, airplanes, police. This plutocracy has no contact with or understanding of the lives of the proles. They own and control, but are devoid of sympathy and knowledge. Everyone is expendable for the purpose of profit.

And government exists to serve the plutocrats with tax cuts and further privileges as the republic declines. How much of this corruption can Americans stomach? It won’t end until the rich have everything as the people scurry from the boots of the five-mile-high overlords.


  1. bobo says

    You know whats funny?

    Many conservatives will say the same things, about inequality

    But, they blame evil LEFTURDS and LIEBERALS and…gasp! SOCIALISM for all of these problems

    And for good measure, they might also blame Satan, or the wrath of God

    Delusional fuckwits all of them.

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