Why Would Anyone Pay Good Money To A Rich Asshole Like This Just To Be Treated Like Crappe?

Rihanna’s multinational tour also ran into trouble last night (18 November) at Berlin’s E-Werk venue when a late start led to booing crowds. The audience, many of whom had been waiting since 8pm for her scheduled 9pm start, were disgruntled to still be waiting for the pop star’s arrival onstage at 11.30pm. DJs Congo Rock and Reflex had long since finished and the crowd were subjected to taped songs by artists including Jessie J.

Fans started chanting Rihanna’s name but the stage remained empty. “Check your watch,” heckled one fan. “Get on the fucking stage,” said another. When the singer arrived, counted in by a special 777 promo, the mood quickly turned in her favour for what was one of the best-sounding sets of the week. “Berlin what’s popping, how you guys doing tonight?” she said, without an apology for the late arrival.

Fucke these greedy asshole “pop stars”. Their music is lowest-common-denominator corporate marketing swill, they can’t even hold back the disgust with which they regard their credulous fans, and there are plenty of local venues in every city in the world hosting live music by decent acts.


  1. Namnezia says

    Oddly I read that she did the same thing at a concert in Mexico City, so it sounds like its almost planned. Who the fuck is Rhianna anyway?

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    Long ago, we went to a midnight Tom Waits concert. The doors opened late, and then we waited a long time for the opening band. They sucked, and were eventually booed off the stage, but not before the disco ball suspended above them crashed to the floor in total disgust.

    There then followed a very long wait, during which the crowd became more and more ugly, with angry chants, etc. I was on the verge of saying “We need to get the fuck out of here before there’s a riot.” when the lights went down and Waits came on stage, saying “I’m sorry I’m so late. I feel like a rat’s asshole.” or something to that effect. He immediately had the crowd in the palm of his hand, Obviously, he had worked a lot of tough rooms. He put on a brilliant show, and thirty-five years later I’m still a huge fan.

    The difference, of course, is that Waits is a freaking genius.

  3. says

    She just lip synchs anyway. Too tough for her to get on stage and wiggle her lips and hips after someone clicks “GO”? Rock and Roll’s a vicious game.

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