Reason Number Kajillion Fuckebillion To Be Glad That Grim Vicious Fuckebagge Romney Got His Asse Handed To Him



  1. lochaber says

    Kinda became a meme- the olympic photo of her making that face was used in a bunch of image macros.

    seen at least one of the women-binder pics featured her. :)

  2. standancer says

    Frequent lurker, rare commenter. This is great thanks for posting. I’d share, but already have on my page from a different poster. Still, great job.

  3. Chebag says

    That is not the sort of juvenile thing we want the leader of the free world doing is it? At least Romney would have respected the office properly.

  4. crocswsocks says

    That photo is so neat, I only feel about 80% my usual amount of envy from seeing someone my age being more famous than me.

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