1. Cuttlefish says

    Ah, but which feta?

    (Trick question–so long as it’s real sheep’s milk feta, it’s all wonderful. And at the risk of offending my Greek friends, Bulgarian “white cheese”, which is feta in all but legal status, is every bit as wonderful, and even creamier. On the other hand, American cow’s milk “feta” is indistinguishable from the cut-up soles of old gym shoes.)

  2. katkinkate says

    But, I like it with the spinach. My favourite is actually tomato and cheese, with a little bit of caramelised onion.

  3. says

    Part of the luscious joy of omelettes is the melty cheesy bits that get all wrapped up with the onions and broccoli and spinach, and feta doesn’t melt the right way for that.

  4. chezjake says

    There are two omelets that make the top of the hierarchy, neither of which contains feta cheese. The first is the omelet with mushrooms and bacon. The second is the omelet with Asiago cheese and just a few chopped scallions. Feta is a wonderful cheese, but its raison d’etre is uncooked, in salads with good olives.

  5. bandm says


    Newly discovered intolerance to eggs.

    Omelettes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs…

    Don’t get me wrong, I prefer not losing my breakfast, but it’s so hard to find a good breakfast that doesn’t have eggs.

    Long way of saying, everyone’s omelette’s sound awesome.

  6. Beaker says

    Yes to Feta, but you gots to fry it in olive oil first (like they do in Greece) along with a few mushroom slices until golden brown. Then, the egg and some chunks of stinky blue cheese. And some spinach leaves on top. Don’t overcook–you want it creamy, just past gooey.

  7. blindrobin says

    Feta or a very ripe goat cheese and a couple or three anchovies… and maybe some spinach and kalamata.

  8. Chebag says

    Are you in Colorado or Washington? ’cause only someone stoned out of their mind would post this bullshit. bacon, spinach, Swiss. Period.

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