1. Uncle Glenny says

    I’m guessing high water mark somewhere in/around New York City. (See the line of detritus roughly a foot up on the fence that recedes in the distance.)

  2. Contingent Cassandra says

    A Little League ballfield near me is located in a flood plain (supposedly a 100-year flood plain, but that was before a significant percentage of the land upstream was converted from forest to pavement). The debris caught in the fences do, indeed, provide a very handy record of the high water mark after flood events. Actually, by comparison, CFP’s mark looks a bit meager; we get inches-thick mats of tangled leaves, grasses, branches, etc., punctuated by the occasional plastic bag/bottle/cup.

  3. blindrobin says

    It’s a good thing that huge fucken storm wasn’t any stronger, say a strong Cat. 2 or Cat. 3 with lower barometric pressure or that HWM would be meter or so higher and low lying coastal communities would have been scoured clean. I know it seems, and is, bad enough as is, but it could have been much, much worse.

  4. says

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