C’mon, Google And Amazon!!

How fucken absurd is it that Gmail is spam filtering all order and shipping confirmation e-mails from Amazon? These fucken huge corporations can’t figure this fucken shitte out?


  1. lylebot says

    Gmail might be spam filtering those for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing it for everyone. Maybe you’ve gotten a lot of spam in the form of fake notices from Amazon in the past? I’ve gotten a few of those and it’s not all that easy to tell them apart from the real thing.

  2. F says

    Are they spam filtering as in putting it in your spam box, or as in silently blackholing the mail? (*Postini turned into teh sux after Google bought it, too.)

    Many ESPs silently discard mail from well-known, easily verifiable, high traffic senders. It’s ridiculous. As if they want you to do support or ordering via Facebook or something – stop using our email services!

  3. Anonymous Atheist says

    Amazon orders I placed last week came through fine on Gmail for me.

    In addition to clicking the ‘not spam’ button, you can add Amazon’s sending email addresses to your contacts, and/or you can set up a filter to ‘never mark as spam’ emails from ‘@amazon.com’ (includes all amazon addresses).

  4. =8)-DX says

    Easy, Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil” and it’s trying to ruin Christmas for everybody.

  5. N. Nescio says

    Had something ship yesterday morning and received the e-mail notice from Amazon in my Gmail inbox just fine. No problems here.

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