Sign Language Interpretation

I am watching Mayor Bloomberg’s live hurricane emergency press conference right now. He is speaking monotonically and with a very flat affect in explaining mandatory evacuation from “Zone 1” low-lying waterfront areas of the City. In contrast, the sign language interpreter next to him is signing extremely dramatically and using strong facial expressions to add a lot of well-justified emphasis to his exhortations.

Question Concerning Performance-Enhancing Drugges

Anybody think that political candidates take performance-enhancing drugges before giving campaign speeches or engaging in debates, like Ritalin or other mild stimulants? I have been watching some on-line videos of politician shitte with the sound off–I simply can’t bear to listen to them speak–and it sure as fucke lookes like these fuckers are a little bit tweaked.

Excellent News For Those Who Care About Civil Rights

One piece of good news in relation to taking the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans out of the hands of the voting public is the just-handed-down Second Circuit decision striking down key parts of DOMA based on intermediate scrutiny analysis under the Fourteenth Amendment. As Jill Filipovic explains really well, this ruling is important beyond just DOMA, in that it sets the precedent that gay and lesbian people are a quasi-suspect class, which thus triggers intermediate scrutiny of government actions and laws vis-a-vis that class.