Question Concerning Performance-Enhancing Drugges

Anybody think that political candidates take performance-enhancing drugges before giving campaign speeches or engaging in debates, like Ritalin or other mild stimulants? I have been watching some on-line videos of politician shitte with the sound off–I simply can’t bear to listen to them speak–and it sure as fucke lookes like these fuckers are a little bit tweaked.


  1. Forbidden Snowflake says

    That’s an interesting question, one which I’ve never considered before. Although, I must say I see nothing wrong with it if they do.

  2. blindrobin says

    I think that they indulge in anything that they feel will give them an edge. Rick Perry on the other hand got confused and took the other route in the primaries to great comedic effect.

  3. Chebag says

    Presidents always age at like 3x the rate of normal people……yeah, they are amped the whole time I bet.

  4. DaveUK says

    I would be surprised if some of them don’t take something like Propranolol to keep the nerves away prior to a big event/debate. It does work a treat and allows you to focus on the important shit, rather than deal with your dry mouth.

    But this would have the opposite effect to what you are describing…..

    I think the Tea Bag douches are supplying their candidates with some weird drug cocktails to enhance their conservativeness.

  5. janiceintoronto says

    Based on what I’m hearing them say, it’s more likely they are taking Stupid Pills…

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