1. operation archangel says

    rich millionaires with their heads up the arses

  2. blindrobin says

    What is this ‘Drama’ of which thou speaketh? Is itte akinn to pram toy tossing? Me thinkes maychansse itte is.

  3. BBBShrewHarpy says

    Same curve, same scale:

    How often someone says they’re in science for the pursuit of truth and have no interest in politics or personal glory

    Rate at which they indulge in self-promotion

  4. howard says

    Just a note; the ‘I don’t do drama’ thing has dark side.

    Relevant bit:

    “I don’t do drama” is, in my experience, a contrarian indicator. There is more drama around people who say they don’t do drama than those who don’t say it, IMO. Why should that be? Because “drama” isn’t avoidable merely by saying you don’t do it. Drama isn’t actually avoidable at all, if we’re engaged in social interactions. Here’s why:

    Drama is the stress produced by resolving interpersonal conflict. When people interact, there’s interpersonal conflict. Nobody has found a way to avoid that yet, in about 10,000 years of compex human interactions. People disagree about stuff, and resolving it produces stress. Trying to avoid that stress means simply being in denial about the conflict instead of trying to resolve it. That just increases the conflict, until it can’t be avoided, but the resolution then produces more stress.

    Of course, like wealth and income, the stress is not evenly distributed. A group of people can decide to resolve interpersonal conflict by ignoring someone’s grievance until they go away. That’s what “I don’t do drama” means. People who say it mean that if you have a grievance against someone they know, you’re on your own.

    …i.e., de facto siding with the abuser in every scenario, because we don’t want to get the drama on us.

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