Excellent News For Those Who Care About Civil Rights

One piece of good news in relation to taking the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans out of the hands of the voting public is the just-handed-down Second Circuit decision striking down key parts of DOMA based on intermediate scrutiny analysis under the Fourteenth Amendment. As Jill Filipovic explains really well, this ruling is important beyond just DOMA, in that it sets the precedent that gay and lesbian people are a quasi-suspect class, which thus triggers intermediate scrutiny of government actions and laws vis-a-vis that class.


  1. Vicki says

    Shripathi @1: They probably haven’t noticed, just saw that the result was basically the same as the First Circuit ruling, and assumed the Supreme Court will deal with it. (They might. On the other hand, the Supremes might also figure that the first and second circuits reached the same conclusion, so there isn’t a conflict that they need to deal with.)

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