1. AndrewD says

    So is Joe Giradi’s job safe? Which closer will the yankee’s go with next year-Soriano or Rivera?

  2. slc1 says

    Fucken Alex Rodriguez will get the heave ho. What a fucken choker.

    By the way, for the information of the fucken Yankee fan, wait till next year was the theme song of the Brooklyn Dodgers before they left for Tinseltown.

  3. Trebuchet says

    Alex Rodriguez will get the heave ho. What a fucken choker.

    Just don’t send that asshole back to Seattle.

    I was actually rooting for the Yankees to go all the way so Ichiro could get his chance in the Series.

  4. says

    I’m impressed that you ran the broom for the Tigers’ sweep, too!

    (I grew up in Tiger country. You gotta give this Bad News Bears of a team a chance at the Series once every 30 years or so.)

  5. says

    Good luck with next year.

    Too old, too little starting pitching, terrible bench. Every single once-good/great player on the decline. No player will have a “career year” next year for the simple reason that they’ve already had them.

    With the possible exception of Robinson Cano who might have 1 or 2 great seasons in him and 3 or 4 solid seasons in addition. Him I like a lot. Why isn’t he the face of the franchise?

    But the rest?
    Jeter: Done. Face it, this year was a big old fluke. And 39-year-olds coming off ankle surgery don’t bat .313. Not without a little chemical enhancement.
    A-Rod: Gone. And done, but irrelevant.
    Texiera: Mediocre.
    Ichiro: Way done. And probably gone, too.
    Granderson: Done.
    Martin: Done (5 straight years of declining batting average).

    Who’s left? Nick Swisher? A guy with almost as many career strike outs as hits? Raul Ibanez? A 41-year-old.

    They’ll have a tough time getting out of their division. Not that I expect Baltimore to repeat this year’s run. Nor will Oakland.

    Here’s my prediction:
    East: Rays
    Central: Detroit
    West: Rangers or Angels
    Wild Cards: Angels or Rangers/White Sox

    Rangers probably win the pennant. Nationals beat them in 7 (assuming Bryce Harper learns to lay off the sliders in the dirt).

    You heard it here first. All that’s left is to play the games.

  6. slc1 says

    Re Kevin @ #6

    And they have Strasburg for the whole year. If he had been available in the playoff against St. Louis, the Nats might have won.

  7. janeymack says

    Hey, there’s the broom!

    Better luck next year, Proffe! (Hey, I’m a Mariners fan, that tells you what kind of hard luck case I am.)

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