Dear Baseball Fan

When you think that if only the pitcher/batter had done what you think they should have done during an at-bat they would have made a hit/out, then you are a fucken delusional imbecile. You should keep that fucken gibberish to yourself, and not pollute the goddamn motherfucken Internet with it.


  1. clamboy says

    To Rodney Nelson: losing, lost, 3 games to…hmmm, how many is it, oh that’s right, ZERO!

    But of course, the Red Sox came back in 2004, down 3-0, something like that, isn’t that right?

  2. blindrobin says

    I felt kind of excited and maybe a little bit dirty when I decided to read this post, it being addressed to someone else and all. But what I found was someone in denial about the true nature of the interwebs thingy wishing the eejits would be quiet and let the grown-ups preside. Ain’t gunna ‘appen mate. Why should this be any different from ‘real life’ or politics.

  3. wmdon says

    Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing better in the world than watching the Yankees lose (except maybe watching the Yankees lose to the Blue Jays) – but letting Ibanez hit against Coke in the ninth inning with two on, two out?

    That’s just bad managing. Despite being a founding member and captain of the All-Name Team, Ibanez is a below (WELL below) average hitter against left-handed pitching, and Phil Coke is a left-handed specialist.

    You absolutely cannot leave Nick Swisher (or even Old Purple Lips) sitting on the bench in that situation. Even if Leyland goes to Benoit, Swisher or A-Rod against Benoit is still a much better match up than Ibanez vs. Coke.

    Not only that, but Leyland looked paralyzed in the ninth again (much as he did in game one), and probably would have stuck with Coke to face the righty anyway.

    tl;dr: Girardi sucks.

  4. Minneapostate says

    Well at least the Yanks have A-Roid locked in for another 5 years/$114 million. Bwahahahaha!! Sorry, couldn’t resist….

  5. says

    vs. lefties, Post-season combined, prior to the the Ibanez at-bat in the 9th:

    Ibanez: 1 for 5, 1 HR
    Swisher: 0 for 9, 4 SO

    Ibanez was one of three batters still in the lineup doing much of anything against Tigers pitching (the other two had already batted that inning), and their best hitter in the post season. No way you bring in Swisher in place of Ibanez (and he was on deck).

    As a Tigers fan, I lick my chops at the idea of Girardi pulling Ibanez for Swisher, at least this post-season.

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