Why Do Politicians Hate America?

I noticed something during the Biden-Ryan debate that is very troubling. Look at this picture:

fucken republican scum

As is important and appropriate in demonstrating genuine love for AMERICA, both Ryan and Biden are wearing flag pins. However, those flag pins are way too small to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they REALLY love AMERICA, and aren’t AMERICA-HATING members of domestic sleeper terrorist cells. (Ryan’s pin is a little bigger than Biden’s, proving that he hates AMERICA less than Biden.)

In order to prove their genuine love for AMERICA, politicians need MUCH BIGGER FLAG PINS:



  1. says

    I don’t care what bling, or the size of the bling, that JB wears. He has my vote wrapped around his ensy leetle pinky finger.

  2. says

    CoR, Are you implying that Biden’s pinky fingers aren’t manly? He could break you and your third grade teacher in half with his ensy leetle pinky finger. And then do Ryan’s workout video.

  3. Pyra says

    I can’t tell if the video is parody or not… I think people around here actually feel exactly this way… but I didn’t actually get through the whole thing, so maybe I missed a finer point.

  4. DaveUK says

    I foooken love that video!!

    I’m surprised Biden was not declared a very clear victor after the debate, but somehow I knew the mindless media pundits would claim a “draw”. If you read the transcript, Obama really didn’t lose to Romney either. Why we can’t focus on WHAT they are actually saying rather than HOW they are saying it is beyond me. Sign of the times I guess.

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