Why Atheism+ Is Necessary

This comment by Stevarious on a previous post is perfect, so I am lifting it up and publishing it here. And honestly, if you don’t get that this is 100% correct, then you are nothing but a delusional selfish fuckebagge:

As yet, no one has even tried to explain how combining atheism (unpopular) with social justice (also unpopular) will help either atheism or social justice achieve their goal.

The reason you don’t understand is because you don’t know what it’s like to try to join an atheist group/meetup/movement/whatever and be unwelcome (whether subtly or overtly) because you’re not a cis white male.

Have you ever tried to join some group, something that you believed in, and been unwelcome because you’re an atheist? Yeah, it’s like that. It’s almost exactly like that. Except we now have atheism hindered – crippled, even – by it’s own refusal to accept and welcome women and minorities as equal members. How does this hurt atheism? Well, you may not have noticed, but cis white males only make up about 25% of the population of the United States. Is atheist activism in the US helped or hindered, in your humble opinion, by making 75% of potential members feel unwelcome and encouraged to join some other movement?

I’m not saying that all – or even most – of the cis white males are guilty of this behavior, or that this behavior is exclusive to cis white males. But it’s enough of them for it to be a real, genuine problem. And what’s worse, is that a much larger portion of the people who are NOT actively joining in, are standing back and ignoring it, or worse, defending the rights of asshole atheists to use words like ‘cunts’ and ‘trannies’ and ‘sluts’ and ‘tits or GTFO’ and otherwise treat others in a generally shitty manner.

So the women and the minorities and the people who support women and minorities are done trying to change atheism from within and are going away (as they have been told to do, over and over by the haters) to form their own movement. Except the haters just can’t let us go – now that we ARE going away and leaving them alone, the haters have become even nastier. They won’t even LET us take the GTFO option!

Is Atheism+ a split from the atheist movement? Yes, IMHO. But it’s not the A+’ers who are causing the split. And I for one welcome a split that leaves the crowd shouting ‘Tits or GTFO!’ out in the cold.

That is, I think about specific goals and about TACTICS. The tactic of explicitly combining atheism and (so far) third wave feminism makes as much sense as advocating (say) repeal of the incest laws along with repeal of tax exemptions for churches. One can perhaps make a strong case for each individually, but combining the two under one banner would make each far, far harder to sell.

I believe you’re wrong about this – Equal rights for atheists are a matter of social justice. So is feminism. The two are much closer linked than you imply.

But even if they weren’t, it’s become clear that a large number of atheists are not going to be able to fight for the rights of atheists under the banner of Atheism because they just aren’t welcome under that banner.

Surely, as a program manager, you understand that nothing is going to get done if everyone doesn’t work as a team, don’t you? Well, some members of the team have been telling other parts of the team to “shut up, get back to the kitchen, and make sandwiches” for far too long. And instead of telling the doodz yelling for sandwiches to shut up, you’re essentially telling the rest of us to shut up for saying ‘No, make your own damn sandwiches. There’s REAL work to do.’ And part of that work appears to be finding a new banner to fight under.

White D00ds And Creative/Progressive Communities

The pattern in creative/progressive communities–scitech, literature, social movements, etc–is that when the complete unfettered dominance of white d00ds to both set substantive agendas and control the allocation of material and intellectual resources is challenged, many of those white d00ds go ballistic at the threat to their privilege. And they attempt to cloak this obvious power ploy in the rhetoric of “we are an atheism (to use one example) community, not a social justice community, and we are rightly focused on atheism, so if you want to talk about social justice, go somewhere else”. Of course, this is nothing but a reflection of the white d00d racial and gender frame and the assumption that white dude hegemony is neutral and attempts to discuss it are special pleading.

Reason Number Fiveteen Kajillion Fucktillion Not To Go Anywhere Near Faceshitte

From Dear Prudence (and yes, the advice she gives generally suckes shitte and is grossly het-cis-nuclear-family-infested):

Q. Crazy Sister-in-Law: My sister-in-law has created Facebook personalities for her two dogs and her cat. Her “animals” repeatedly friend request my son and my daughter, who are in their late teens. My kids don’t want to friend their aunt’s pets because when they have, in the past, she floods their walls with unintelligible “animal speak” posts about embarrassing childhood moments. My sister-in-law becomes upset when they won’t accept her friend requests and sends them several unhappy “animal speak” messages a day. My husband thinks our kids should humor his sister, but given her odd behavior, I don’t blame them for not wanting to accept her pets’ friend requests. I even feel the need to intervene on their behalf and explain to my sister-in-law that she’s alienating her niece and her nephew. What say you?

A: Your sister-in-law sounds a little off, so she needs sympathy. However, that should not mean that she’s allowed to harass her relatives. The kids may be tempted to send her an email that says, “Iz no accept puppies and kitty fwends.” But it would be best if your husband—or you if he won’t—just sent her an email explaining the kids limit their friends to their contemporaries and you all would appreciate if her “babies” stopped sending Facebook requests.

Rigatoni With Shrimp And Purple Onion

one medium purple onion, chopped
one and a half pounds shrimp, chopped
shitteloades of basil, chopped
juice of half a lime
fresh-ground pepper
dried red pepper flakes
dried thyme
dried oregano
one cup of dry white wine
olive oil
one pound rigatoni
parmigiano reggiano for grating

Shrimp and onions and whatnot.

Sautee the onions with pepper, thyme, oregano, and red pepper, until the onions are starting to turn translucent.

Throw in the shrimp and continue to sautee until the outside is just barely cooked.

Add the lime juice and wine and a bunch of the basil, turn up the heat, and reduce away the alcohol.

Looks ready. You don’t want to overcook the shrimp.

Boil the pasta in salty water until it is very molto al dente, drain, dump it into the sauce, and finish with heat for a minute or two.

Plate, sprinkle, grate, and eat!