Soup On A Desert Island

If you were standed on a desert island and could only have one soup available to you, what kind of soup would it be?

I will reveal my preference in a later post.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Simple tomato basil, with a nice grilled cheese sandwich on the side.

    Of course, if I could have only one flavor of ice cream on that island, it would be POV. Plain Olde Vanilla.

  2. Trebuchet says

    Ooh, Split Pea. At least a strong second choice. Maybe I should reconsider.

    Then again, there’s Chili con Carne. With beans. Sorry, Texans.

  3. Nancy New, Queen of your Regulatory Nightmare says

    Is the island tropical or cold climate? Because my poached chicken / mint / barley / yogurt cold soup is to die for, but not on the menu in cold weather.

  4. UnknownEric says

    Maryland Crab. I’d never even had it before I moved to Baltimore, but now I couldn’t live without it.

    A close second to New England Clam Chowder.

  5. Beaker says

    I’d start by heating up some Stone Soup, and then look for natives who could pitch in something edible.

  6. TGAP Dad says

    Not even a close call: creamy potato (with crumbled bacon of course). I came up with a recipe I liked, and the whole family can’t get enough of it.

  7. JustKat says

    Chili & gumbo are my favorites but if I could only have one soup on an island it would be vegetable beef or something similar – more balanced nutrition.

  8. Brownian says

    Phở. It’s versatile, filling, and refreshing.

    Chili & gumbo are my favorites but if I could only have one soup on an island it would be vegetable beef or something similar – more balanced nutrition.

    Are those things that we need to be considering? Because if this hypothetical is more than just a “what soup would consider if you could only eat on soup for the rest of your life” hypothetical, I’d like some more details. Who’s preparing the soup? Why can’t they just reduce it down to a stew? How does this island have all potential ingredients and a way of refrigerating them and yet be considered a desert island? If I have the stuff to make a gumbo (hell, if I can even make a roux) why can’t I switch it up and make a Manhattan-style chowder once in awhile?

    No, none of this makes any sense.

    So here’s the scenario: you live in the Star Trekiverse, and your shuttlepod has crashed on a Dyson sphere. (Oddly enough, it’s not the star-surrounding megastructure proposed by Freeman Dyson, but the giant ball upon which a massive Dyson vacuum cleaner rests, but since you won’t live long enough to ever experience the galactic spring cleaning for which it was built, that detail is somewhat moot. I’m just setting the scene here.)

    Now, your shuttlepod has a fully-functioning replicator powered by solar cells, but the crash landing has damaged its recipe matrix, allowing you to save only one soup recipe for future use. (Fortunately, it still functions well enough to provide fresh water and a place setting, but you must refer to the napkins by the commonwealth term serviette or you get nothing. And the replicator AI is capable of stimulating, thoughtful discussion, but in order for it to respond to you, at least once every twenty minutes you must compliment the kissing lips-shaped ice cubes it insists on putting in your water. So there’s that to contend with, as well.)

    Okay, now go!

    I still pick phở.

  9. Ctenotrish says

    Chicken tortilla soup. Not the thick, goopy kind that you find in some restaurants, but the light, fresh, brothy kind that I make in my kitchen. Yum!

  10. Namnezia says

    CPP don’t tell me you’re picking some weird-ass, made-up “verde” version of your special fucking tortilla soup or some shit like that.

  11. Onamission5 says

    Mulligatawny or my famous chicken-corn chowder. Yes, chicken chowder, I’m allergic to shellfish so I get to have some leeway with mauling traditionally prepared foods. Oh, or maybe potato leek! Or lentil and sweet potato. Or turkey and habanero chili!

    I love soup.

  12. movablebooklady says

    Brunswick “Stew”” — not really thick enough to be a stew, sorta in between soup and stew, preferably made with squirrel but rabbit or chicken work. You got your veggies, you got your meat, yum.

  13. superfragilistika says

    Actually, I am in an almost desert island having been awaken by an sms from somebody telling me I made a mistake in paying them more money for helping clean my boat. They said will return the money tomorrow. Couldn’t they have just returned the money tomorrow?.
    As of now, I would love melon soup.

  14. Cuttlefish says

    The “desert island” bit is tricky–I’ve asked a similar question with a different twist (you’ve gone on your killing spree, have been tried, found guilty, and are sentenced to death: what is your last meal?), but there are significant differences. If your soup could be enhanced with seaweed, or crabs, or other island goodies, that’s one thing… but I must assume you will be eating this soup until you are rescued or die of old age.

    So I need a complete soup. My cuttlefish & sausage soup, with a tomato/vegetable base enhanced with garlic, onion, and lots of kale (there is room for other veggies, but they vary from batch to batch), is pretty damned complete. And it is damned good.

    For the “death row soup”, you don’t need to worry about long-term vitamin deficiencies. So any soup at all will do, and it’s just a matter of favorites. I still have about a dozen choices.

  15. SherryH says

    Chicken vegetable, with barley or noodles and a good variety of vegetables. Vegetables for vitamins, chicken for protein, starch for a filler, and plenty of broth to help with hydration. Oh, and fat for extra calories/energy, because I’m sure there will be plenty to do for additional food, shelter, fire, drinking water…

    (Would it be cheating to vary the vegetables from time to time?)

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a nice beef, vegetable, and barley soup, either. I’m betting cattle would be harder to find on an island than some kind of poultry.

  16. SherryH says

    Ha! Wouldn’t you know, I meant to say, and forgot –

    Chicken soup is also somewhat bland or neutral, so there’s less chance of getting sick of it over time than with a spicier or more distinctive soup.

  17. Shplane, Spess Alium says


    It’s the only kind of soup I like enough to overcome my weird “BUT WHAT IF I CAN’T SEE SOME HORRIBLE THING INSIDE IT?” paranoia I have with soup.

  18. Lady Day says

    I second Pho. There’s this amazing seafood and rice noodle version that I used to eat all the time in grad school at this one restaurant…. Can’t find anything like it anywhere else I’ve lived/visited.

    BUT, Pho is pretty high in sodium, so it wouldn’t necessarily be good for the ol’ blood pressure….

  19. thebookofdave says

    Why should I have to choose between them, even on a desert isle? Mix ’em all together! And fill me a bowl.

  20. rq says

    Salmon chowder for the northerly island, and cold cucumber soup (personal recipe) for the tropical one. For an island with lots of seasons, pork goulash (personal recipe), because yes, I like it cold.

    And Brownian’s scenario is too unrealistic; all credibility was lost with the word ‘serviette’. Honestly, the Commonwealth is so last century (unless it’s making a comeback with the Galactic Federation).

  21. Tyrant says

    Some tasty combination involving lentils, tomatos, some onions, parsley, cilantro, a bit of cumin maybe. I just made it up, but its got all the things I love in it, so there.

  22. jakc says

    OK, I would take Rubber Soul, Sticky Fingers, Kind of Blue, Red-Headed Stranger …. oops, wrong game. Umm, I pick Ginger. So what if she can’t cook?

  23. Loquaxe says

    I guess you could not make it for your soup. Tonight I am going to sleep without my very favored one.

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