Obama’s College Transcript

Whatte the fucke is uppe with this right-wing loonie obsession with Obama’s college transcript? These deranged wackanauts seem to think they contain some kind of MASSIVE BOMBSHELL THAT WILL DESTROY THE LEGITIMACY OF THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY. What do they think? He got a C+ in freshman calculus or something?


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    It’s just another case of throwing mud against the wall in hopes that some of it will stick. If Obama’s grades were good enough to get him into Harvard Law School, then they weren’t shabby.

  2. Zhuge says

    I am nearly certain what they are hoping to find is something in African-American studies or something else in critical theory. Then finding the professor or the title of the class or something they can start making all sorts of racist misrepresentation “Obama studied under someone who believes that sandwiches are racist and sympathizes with the black panthers. Who is the real racist here?”

    (If he did get a C-or even a B+-, he’s clearly an affirmative action admit and all his intellectual success can be dismissed.)

  3. Randomfactor says

    They’re trying to insinuate that someone with Obama’s low albedo couldn’t have gotten into Harvard without affirmative action type programs.

    Yeah, so? That would be an indictment of the US education system, not of Obama.

    Someone like Romney would be selling used cars if his daddy didn’t buy Willard his cushy lifestyle.

  4. Kimbeaux says

    Hey, Obama released years of his tax returns, and his long form birth certificate. When Romney releases an equal number of full years of tax returns, his long form birth certificate and his college transcripts, then and only then should Obama consider the request for his college transcripts. Put up or shut up!

  5. Beaker says

    Surely these people were equally outraged when Sarah Palin refused to release her college transcripts in 2008. This issue became important to Republicans around the time they discovered that they cared about budget deficits.

  6. Chiroptera says

    I’m thinking that they are hoping that his grades are all marked with asterisks, and when you look at the bottom of the transcript you’ll read, “this loser should be failing all his classes, but he’s black and he says all the right Marxist things, so we’re all totally going to give him As.”

  7. Anonymouse says

    There’s actually no proof that Sarah Palin ever graduated from college–any of ’em, all of ’em that she attended over a number of years. No professors or former students recognize her and no college will verify that she actually graduated. OTOH, Obama graduated near the top of his class, and there’s proof of that.

    The right don’t care what Obama’s transcripts show. This is just more goalpost-moving to cover up the fact that they’re hysterial that someone like Obama would be elected president.

  8. david says

    “What do they think? He got a C+ in freshman calculus or something?”

    The opposite – they want to show that he got A’s in most of his classes, and is therefore an “inty-lek-tu-al.”

  9. says

    If anything I’d say it’s even more basic than that. They don’t believe Obama went to college at all, that somehow everything about him is a lie. It’s all the same conspiracy — they act as if Obama was just dropped into the middle of the real world after having been fished out of a vat in Kenya or something like that.

  10. Ysanne says

    He got a C+ in freshman calculus or something?
    Which would prove that he’s a dirty uppity know-it-all, because an down-to-earth, god-fearing American would be ashamed to get anything better than a D in such an irrelevant ivory-tower brain-wank subject.

  11. savagemutt says

    I think the Republicans are just fine with the transcripts not being released. That way they can continue to insinuate Obama’s hiding something.

  12. Anonymous Atheist says

    Heck, since when has Obama releasing paperwork stopped the Republicans from continuing to insinuate that he’s still hiding the real paperwork? ;)

  13. Namnezia says

    Since when do universities have “affordable” rates for foreign students? If anything its the complete opposite.

  14. Mandy says

    Some question that his grades were good enough to have been admitted as an American student. They suspect that he possibly could have been admitted as a foreign exchange student.

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