1. Trebuchet says

    Barack Obama represents progressivism, a doctrine whose many blemishes on American life include universities as football factories, which progressivism helped to create.

    Huh? Whut? Barack Obama is to blame for college football? G. Will is not only out of touch with Republicans, but with reality!

  2. blindrobin says

    George Will? Really? Only to be read if one finds that it is necessary to induce vomiting. What infuriates me most about him is that I get the impression that he actually believes the pure liquid shite that spews from his keyboard. He seems to have read and remembered a number of ‘things’ but is unable to figure out what they mean or how they relate to each other so he strings them together in any fashion that serves to support his preconceived notions whether the resulting product makes any sense at all.

  3. blindrobin says

    Oh and I forgot to add that I believe that college football, basketball and baseball are a huge drain and distraction and that the programmes should be spun off from the educational institutions.

  4. lpetrich says

    He has also stated that high-speed trains are some plot to make Americans more easily controllable by depriving them of their cars.

    Seems to me that he’s been living in a grove of John Birch trees lately.

  5. lochaber says

    Ah, the core demographic of the progressive movement: jocks, fratboys, and sports fans.

    Don’t tell me he actually got paid money to write that… I kept looking for a link to the following page.

    struck me as pretty poor writing quality – string together a bunch of little tidbits vaguely tied in with historical references, and then just up and stop when you get bored/distracted/tired.

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