Fleecing Gibbering Dummeshittes

How fucken hilarious is itte that not only have these Faceshitte fuckebagges spent the last half decade fleecing the shitte out of the dumshitte Faceshitte users who gave all of their most private personal information to a goddamn corporation for fucken *free* so that the corporation could then go on and sell all that information to other corporations, but now it has become clear that they have now just fleeced the shitte out of the dumshitte Faceshitte investors who bought into the ludicrous hype that “social networking” is some kind of fucken new economic sphere and not just a time-wasting toy for chronological and emotional children?

Olympic Closing Ceremony

Madness totally all went on diets for months to fit in those suits. And where the fucken fucke is X-Ray Spex!?!?!?!? Much better than this goddamn loser sausage fest.

UPDATE: A goddamn motherfucken Who cover band?

UPDATE 2: The octopus thingie with that skinny old deejay dude on it was pretty cool.


There was a dude in my department who was so lean that you could see the veins pulsating on his temples. Even when he was just casually chatting, he looked like at any moment he was gonna head butt you, grab you around the throat, and choke the fucking life out of you.

How To Succeed In Academic Science Without Really Trying

The most important character trait that I have seen correlate with success in academic science is the ability to clearly assess one’s own ignorance, and to seek out opportunities to learn from people who know what the fucke they are doing. No matter how smart, hard-working, and creative they are, the ones who think they already know everything and know better than everyone around them are the ones who fail. They are killed by their own egos.

Of Course He’s A White Christian D00d

When are we gonna grapple with the fact that almost all of the most murderous vicious mass killers and other incorrigible violent serial miscreants in the United States–including serial child molestors and mass child porn purveyors–are white christian d00ds? Are we ever gonna discuss whether it is in the nature of white christian d00ds to commit the most heinous of violent mass and serial crimes, just like we do members of other identifiable racial and religious groups whenever one of them commits a crime?