Paul Ryan Is Just A Local Down-Home Boy

He’s a greedy richeasse motherfucker lying about how he’s just a local yokel from down the block. Speaking of greedy richeasse motherfuckers lying about how they’re “just like you”, Ann Romney’s mawkish bulleshitte lies about how she and Mitt were just poor students eating dinner off an ironing board were fucken priceless. Even the credulous drunk republican filth filling the convention hall couldn’t wrap their minds around that howler, and you could hear the nervous “She didn’t just say that, did she?” tittering on the floor.


I feel like I have reached a point in my life where if I were told that I have some incurable disease and only a few months to live, I would be sadde, but pretty much ok with itte. Am I just bulleshitteing myself?

Divisiveness and Incivility

If you are in a group and there are some assholes in the group, and you are all like, “You are assholes and I think you should stay the fucke away from me and the people in the group who aren’t assholes”, that is divisive. But it is also the good and right thing to do.

Divisiveness per se is ethically neutral, as is incivility. And of course, accusations of divisiveness and incivility are the go-to weapons of privileged fuckebagges who want to silence those who are attempting to call out and extirpate their privileged fuckebaggiosity.

Trickle-Down Economics For Fucken Dummies

Richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations are already sitting on vast piles of cash that they are not spending on purchase of goods and labor. Cutting their taxes further does nothing but increase the size of these vast piles of cash and make them richer without influencing the overall economy. If you increase their taxes and structure them appropriately, then you provide an incentive to spend more of that money on purchase of goods and labor before it gets taxed.

And if the government takes the tax revenues it receives from richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations and spends it on goods and labor to rebuild and maintain our crumbling national infrastructure, that money goes out into the economy where people use it to fucken buy more shitte from richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations. This is a virtuous cycle that increases the so-called velocity of money in the economy, which allows the overall economy to grow.

Right now the vast majority of money in the economy is trapped in vast stagnant pools–the pockets of richeasse motherfuckers and massive corporations. Cutting their taxes further does nothing but increase the depth of these vast stagnant pools.

SET THE FUCKEN MONEY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Is it appropriate to demand scrutiny of Mitt Romney’s mormonism? White protestantism has always been the religious norm for US Presidents, so in addressing this question it is worth considering the scrutiny that other Presidents who were not white protestants were subject to vis a vis their religion.

(1) Kennedy’s catholicism was severely scrutinized, and as I understand it he was forced to essentially swear that he was not taking orders from the pope or whatever.

(2) Obama’s black protestantism was severely scrutinized, and he was forced to “disavow” a pastor who led a church he attended based on willful mischaracterization of some of that pastor’s rhetoric.

So it seems to me that it would be only fair and consistent with normal practice in Presidential politics to scrutinize the fucke out of Romney’s mormonism.

Right-Wing Armchair “Warriors”

Greedy selfish right-wing cowardly armchair-warrior scum politicians like Joe Walsh are popular among the greedy selfish right-wing cowardly armchair-warrior scum electorate because he makes them feel better about what nasty vicious cowardly slime they are. By lashing out at truly courageous and patriotic people like Tammy Duckworth, he allows these right-wing degenerates to identify with him and his aggression and feel less bad about the truly despicable hateful irredeemable worthless state of their own souls.