Paul Ryan Is Just A Local Down-Home Boy

He’s a greedy richeasse motherfucker lying about how he’s just a local yokel from down the block. Speaking of greedy richeasse motherfuckers lying about how they’re “just like you”, Ann Romney’s mawkish bulleshitte lies about how she and Mitt were just poor students eating dinner off an ironing board were fucken priceless. Even the credulous drunk republican filth filling the convention hall couldn’t wrap their minds around that howler, and you could hear the nervous “She didn’t just say that, did she?” tittering on the floor.


  1. anon says

    Did you actually watch that nonsense? I don’t have the stomach for it. I would fill every vomit bag within reach. Can’t do it.

  2. baal says

    Paul Ryan Is Just A Local Down-Home Boy <–
    I read that and thought, 'Right, tell me another one'.

  3. Beaker says

    The true believers will totally buy this story. It is what they want to believe. The only antidote to the lies is to calmly repeat that this jerk is actually the spawn of a rich local family–and that he hugely benefitted by the Social Security safety net when he lost his dad at an early age. He didn’t build that.

  4. Atheist Watch says

    Ms. Mitt was just as funny as Ms. Obama…I ROFLMAO as she talke about how her and Barry had such poor upbringing; you know, elite private high schools, Princeton, Harvard, six figure salaries.

    It really hard if your parents are’t millionairs. snicker.

    Has it occurred to anyone that the top leadership of both parties is corrupt and controlled by the Corpos.

    They are all preparing the way for he Anti Christ and you will all scramble to take his MARK.

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