Divisiveness and Incivility

If you are in a group and there are some assholes in the group, and you are all like, “You are assholes and I think you should stay the fucke away from me and the people in the group who aren’t assholes”, that is divisive. But it is also the good and right thing to do.

Divisiveness per se is ethically neutral, as is incivility. And of course, accusations of divisiveness and incivility are the go-to weapons of privileged fuckebagges who want to silence those who are attempting to call out and extirpate their privileged fuckebaggiosity.


  1. globaltruthseeker says

    “If most members of a group are honest and intelligent, then evil people will be identified and excluded. When most members are psychopaths, the honest and intelligent people are identified and excluded! In a psychopath-controlled environment, it’s the honest people who seem defective and deviant.”

    Excerpt from an article by FSK. See also Psychopath Resistance

  2. blindrobin says

    Now you’ve done it. The horses are well and truly scared.

    globetruteseeker The phrase ‘a psychopath controlled environment’ is a very good description of the financial services industry in which we should include the personal insurance industry. Oddly commercial insurance tends to be fairly above board in it’s dealings as there’s too much chance of the customers having access to good legal advice.

  3. Tisk says

    I’m totally stealing “fuckbaggiosity” as a word for future use. Love seeing you around Captain Awkward Physioproffe!

  4. Anonymous says

    Reading the sentence, “Divisiveness per se is ethically neutral, as is incivility.” filled me with so much joy.

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