Ann Romney In A Nutshell

Gin and Tacos nails her RNC speech:

There’s not much the campaign can do with someone whose natural tone of voice is “Giving orders to servants”.


  1. anon says

    The thing is, Ann Romney is the ONLY thing Mittens has going for him. He has to be likable to get elected, regardless of his views (which change according to what he thinks repugnants want), and she is the only one who can speak about him as a person.
    AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! oh, oh my belly hurts.

  2. hexidecima says

    Poor Ann, having to say such thing about a man who is a liar. I wonder what he’s lied about to her.

  3. says

    Hahaha. And thanks also for showing me this lovely turn of phrase:

    “To say that the truth was abused throughout the evening would be an understatement; the apparent theme for the convention is luring the truth into a derelict ice cream truck with promises of candy and then repeatedly touching it in the bathing suit area.”

  4. Dave says

    On NPR this morning, some tool was going on about how her speech highlighted what a lovely man Romney MUST be for her to say all these wonderful things about him. He failed to emphasize that she is actually HIS WIFE and, by definition, that would mean she is incredibly BIASED (usually) and has a horrible conflict of interest going on. Is she supposed to get up there and say “…..yeeeeaaaaah my husband is actually a major cunte, don’t vote for him”?

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