Right-Wing Armchair “Warriors”

Greedy selfish right-wing cowardly armchair-warrior scum politicians like Joe Walsh are popular among the greedy selfish right-wing cowardly armchair-warrior scum electorate because he makes them feel better about what nasty vicious cowardly slime they are. By lashing out at truly courageous and patriotic people like Tammy Duckworth, he allows these right-wing degenerates to identify with him and his aggression and feel less bad about the truly despicable hateful irredeemable worthless state of their own souls.


  1. says

    I’m starting to wonder if the Right is going to turn on the military completely. After all, it’s the liberals who want to take care of the veterans and not throw people out for who they have sex with, and they have no script for patriotic liberal veterans. They can’t process it.

  2. blf says

    I’m starting to wonder if the Right is going to turn on the military completely.

    Doubt it. It’s about the only thing whose funding isn’t cut / eliminated in “Sodomize the Poor” Ryan’s so-called budget. As I recall — apologies, no citations at hand — RMoney has promised to not cut the military’s funding.

    Having said that, I’ve no idea what either one has said (if anything) about veterans care, the replacement of DADT with sanity, the military’s warnings about the consequences of AGW, …

  3. hexidecima says

    military funding was not cut, but it’s all for crap the congress wants to feed their districts. There is no pay raise for the soldiers, no extra help for their families, nothing that would actually help the men and women serving. Don’t forget, these were the idiots who sent soldiers into combat without enough armor.

  4. ottod says

    Tammy Duckworth’s service is pertinent in the campaign because the war in which she fought and her experience is still important in the national debate about foreign policy, the economy, military spending, treatment of veterans, and discrimination in the armed forces. McCain’s service had less direct bearing when he first began to run for office, but there was no shortage of biographical material invoking his heroism even then. He has parlayed his military experience into the Armed Services committee and a reputation as an expert on the military and torture. McCain was so reluctant to talk about himself and his service that a ghost-written autobiography, with modest description of his service and heroism, didn’t appear until just before the 2000 election where the weed’s surrogates bludgeoned him with his record. As I recall, another McCain biography hit the stands in 2008.

    So, yeah, there’s all the difference in the world between McCain and Duckworth [!] Or maybe not. There does, however,seem to be a real moral chasm separating Duckworth and McCain from the DB Joe Walsh.

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