Shrimp Verde Enchiladas

two and a half pounds of tomatillos
four poblano peppers
eight serrano peppers
two habanero peppers
one and a half pounds of shrimp
two medium red onions
fuckeloades of garlic cloves
salt and pepper
hot spicy chile powder
queso fresco
olive oil
fresh corn tortillas (ours were as usual from here)

Here’s the fucken peppers.

Broil the fucke out of the tomatillos.

Broil half the fucke out of all the poblanos and half the serranos and half the fuckeloade of garlic.

Blend up the tomatillos, broiled peppers and garlic, cilantro, one habanero.

Add one purple onion, salt, and fresh-ground black pepper and blend the living fucke out of it.

Verde sauce is done.


Cut up shrimp and vegetables.

Sautee the onions a bit and then add the garlic.

Add a decent amount of cumin, coriander, paprika, oregano (crush it up in your fingers), and hot chile powder and fresh-ground black pepper.

Throw in the peppers and sautee briefly to release flavors and soften. Then throw in the shrimp and sautee until they are just turned opaque in the outside but not completely finished on the inside. It should just take a few minutes.

Reserve the shrimp and juices/sauce.

Soften/warm the tortillas by wrapping the stack in a damp dish towel and microwaving for a minute or two. Spread a layer of green sauce on the bottom of your glass baking dish. Coat each side of the tortilla in the green sauce by dipping it in, and layer some shrimp and crumbled queso fresco on it. Roll the motherfucker uppe, and place it in the baking dish with the seam down.

Fill uppe the motherfucken dish.

Evenly pour on the rest of the green sauce, and spread some more crumbled queso fresco on top, and sprinkle on some cilantro.

Bake the motherfucker for about a half hour at 380-400 degrees, until the queso fresco on top is melty and you can see that the liquid at the bottom of the dish is boiling.



  1. says

    Sounds delicious!

    Of course, for real authenticity, you should use poliomintha longiflora rather than European oregano. Not that you’ll find any that far north.

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    Looks delicious, but how can you tell when half the fucke has been broiled out of itte, as opposed to say, three quarters of the fucke?

    Also, by my count, between the broiling and the blending, 1.5 fuckes have been removed from the verde sauce. How the fucke does that work?

  3. Namnezia says

    Dude if you’re going to start giving your dishes names in “spanish”, at least pick one that’s fucking grammatically correct. “Shrimp Verde Enchiladas” makes no fucking sense in either Spanish or English.

    Other than that, they look delicious. Would go great with some guacamole risotto.

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