UPDATE: This is the first song I ever heard Jack White do–and it’s a nice cover of this excellent tune–so I went and checked out his other shit, and goddamn, this motherfucker is goddamn horrendous and boring. My understanding is that he is famous or something, but he fucken suckes total shitte. No idea why he is popular or whatever.


  1. bsk says

    Better still, his most popular song, “Seven Nation Army”, has only one guitar riff the _entire_ way through.

  2. Lady Day says

    @ Marcus: we share the same taste. BTW, Edge is super hot (as always) in that video. Thanks for sharing!

  3. votecaboose says

    i wonder if “Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine” will change your mind…

    Although, my favourite material from Jack White is in his other projects. The Dead Weather. Aww yeahhh. Plus, the chick from The Kills is in it. Awwww yeaahhhh!

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