1. says

    I read about it at rolling stone. a bunch of people are like “president obama ate a dog!”. Someone posted a reaction from one of devos members:

    Look up “equivocation” people! Why engage in apples and oranges arguments? Even if Obama ate some dog, he didn’t abuse and kill it for goddsakes! It was already dead! And, as far as Romney’s claim that Seamus like being roof-racked, when is the last time your dog showed joy by convulsing and shitting mounds of diarrhea down your car windows from that fun trip on the roof in the hot summer sun? Give me a (you know what) break! This not about Democrats vs Republicans or Red vs Blue and all the rest of that trumped up pseudo WWF smack down crap the media hypnotizes you with. This is just about a man with a very questionable soul. Even though our political candidate choices are about as deep as the difference between Pepsi and Coke these days, and knowing that the president is just a figurehead bought and paid for by the Plutocracy that is America in Century 21, character still matters. A president should take the same oath as doctors i.e. “Do No Harm”. We make pets dependent on us. We created all the dog breeds. We are thus responsible as stewards over all species. Case closed. – Gerald V. Casale.

    I laughed pretty hard. Devo rules.

  2. davejohnson says

    5000 whining atheists vs the Great Prophet

  3. F says

    Oh, for fuxake you whining, spamming jerk. Fly away home. Your goats are on fire and your senses are gone.

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