Fleecing Gibbering Dummeshittes

How fucken hilarious is itte that not only have these Faceshitte fuckebagges spent the last half decade fleecing the shitte out of the dumshitte Faceshitte users who gave all of their most private personal information to a goddamn corporation for fucken *free* so that the corporation could then go on and sell all that information to other corporations, but now it has become clear that they have now just fleeced the shitte out of the dumshitte Faceshitte investors who bought into the ludicrous hype that “social networking” is some kind of fucken new economic sphere and not just a time-wasting toy for chronological and emotional children?


  1. Shplane, Spess Alium says

    I seriously don’t understand people who don’t put fake info on their Facebook.

    It’s just, like, do you WANT to be stalked? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  2. lylebot says

    Were they really “fleeced” (as in deceived or lied to)? I tend to think they got exactly what they deserved for believing the hype, and they’re whining now because they don’t like to think that they could have made a bad decision.

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