Olympic Closing Ceremony

Madness totally all went on diets for months to fit in those suits. And where the fucken fucke is X-Ray Spex!?!?!?!? Much better than this goddamn loser sausage fest.

UPDATE: A goddamn motherfucken Who cover band?

UPDATE 2: The octopus thingie with that skinny old deejay dude on it was pretty cool.


  1. Crudely Wrott says

    A “pop” (pee-yew!) music orgy featuring heretofore mercifully forgotten posers. Total lack of imagination.

    Except the part with Lennon’s “Imagine”. That was cool and most imaginative what with the self assembling sculpture. I liked that part.

    Still and all, it was large and noisy so it got lots of people all moist and squishy. Sadly, world class it was not.

  2. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    Avoided. My Twitter and Facebook feeds were going absolutely crazy, though. Rather them than me.

  3. Mad Monkey says

    The Kaiser Chiefs were the ones covering the Who song. Never did care much for them; care for them even less now.

  4. AndrewD says

    Despite living in the UK, I didn’t see any of the Olympics. I have a TiVo set and access to ESPN America and have been watching the CFL and MLB programmes instead.
    Go Blue Jays( if thats OK with you CPP)

  5. dean says

    Saw a great tweet (obviously from last night) this morning:

    If this doesn’t end with a giant Monty Python foot coming down and stomping out the Olympic flame we’ve failed as a nation.

  6. ShowMetheData says

    Speaking of Monty Python – Enjoyed the “Bright Side of Life” sung by Eric Idle – cheeky shit with swearing included

    Go B.C. Lions!! I’ll leave the Land Hockey to Proffe

  7. Miwanpela says

    I enjoyed watching the Olympics, especially the Track events, but Meseret Defar’s [5000m race winner] post-race behaviour totally put me off watching TV for 2 whole days!!

  8. BBBShrewHarpy says

    “I enjoyed watching the Olympics, especially the Track events, but Meseret Defar’s [5000m race winner] post-race behaviour totally put me off watching TV for 2 whole days!!”

    What did she do?
    I watched the race and can not remember anything that made me ill.

    Loved the closing ceremony. Imagine was just Fab.

  9. James says

    I didn’t watch it but I haven’t heard any mention of Clapton or Elton John.

    I can’t imagine a show about British pop music and these two aren’t included.

  10. says

    Lots of people they asked said no – David Bowie, I think the Rolling Stones too. I also believe they were trying to avoid repeating artists already heavily featured in The Queen’s Jubilee Concert and opening ceremony. That would explain why no Elton John, though makes one wonder why Madness were there again. Finally, perhaps Clapton was out due to him clearly going on the record that he hates multiculturalism and immigration. That would have been a bad message for medalists like Mo Farrah. Or perhaps Slow Hand just said no, the daft racist!

  11. Orion3T says

    It wasn’t a ‘The Who cover band’ – it was one of the UKs biggest bands of recent years doing a cover version of a massive British hit. I’m not a KS fan by any means but I thought they did a pretty good job.

    The Who were on for real at the end, not sure if you stuck it that long.

    While I’m no Jesse J fan, I have to admit she does have a great voice and coped well overall (she doesn’t look half bad either!). And who could fault Brian May?

    (Though I thought Suggs (Madness) was awful, and the girl who sang first wasn’t particularly good either.)

  12. says

    I loved the whole show, but it needed more morris dancers. How can you do a big-budget over-the-top pageant of British history (or pseudohistory) without morris dancers?

  13. Andrew R says

    The Who were asked to do two songs, but refused to play more than one, hence Kaiser Chiefs doing Pinball Wizard.

  14. Miwanpela [pidgin: "I Alone"] says

    @BBBShrewHarpy> as she crossed the finish line [first] she pulled out a small pic of the “virgin” Mary and cried openly while repeatedly kissing the photo. It was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while :(

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