Of Course He’s A White Christian D00d

When are we gonna grapple with the fact that almost all of the most murderous vicious mass killers and other incorrigible violent serial miscreants in the United States–including serial child molestors and mass child porn purveyors–are white christian d00ds? Are we ever gonna discuss whether it is in the nature of white christian d00ds to commit the most heinous of violent mass and serial crimes, just like we do members of other identifiable racial and religious groups whenever one of them commits a crime?


  1. says

    The media has been downplaying the fact that he’s christian. Almost exactly the opposite of how much they’d be up-playing it if he were muslim. He’s a “white supremacist” but generally his religion appears not to count. Surprise, surprise, surprise…

  2. Dave says

    They can’t even decide if it was a fucking “hate crime” or not. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm…………

  3. fuckesatonne says

    Hum, let me see. Christians are the majority in the USA. So, somehow, we are surprised when most criminals are Christian (if that’s even true)?

    I think, Dr. CPP, that you need a logic insertion surgery. (And that comes from an atheist.) Hopefully your scientific work isn’t this utterly devoid of common sense.

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