Republicans Getting Exactly What They Want

Hubbell, a maker of electrical products, has canceled several million dollars’ worth of equipment orders and delayed long-planned factory upgrades in the last few months, said Timothy H. Powers, the company’s chief executive. It has also held off hiring workers for about 100 positions that would otherwise have been filled, he said.

“The fiscal cliff is the primary driver of uncertainty, and a person in my position is going to make a decision to postpone hiring and investments,” Mr. Powers said. “We can see it in our order patterns, and customers are delaying. We don’t have to get to the edge of the cliff before the damage is done.”

The reason there is an impending “fiscal cliff” is that Republicans have been intentionally doing everything they possibly can to precent the American economy from recovering since January, 2009. Right-wingers talk about how “uncertainty” is hobbling the economy, implying that slashing taxes and the social safety net will provide “certainty”. The uncertainty that is hobbling the economy is the inability to predict how far the Republican Party will go in their deranged quest for economic destruction. Will they force a government shutdown? Will they fail to raise the debt ceiling and force default? Will they allow the “fiscal cliff” to be averted?



  1. Trebuchet says

    Exactly correct. The R’s have spent the last four years doing everything they can to make the economy worse just so they can blame Obama.

  2. Lady Day says

    Republicans want to cut spending on domestic social programs to make federal spending more “fiscally responsible,” yet don’t seem to want to cut the exorbitant military spending that is the real culprit behind our budgetary woes.

    We live in an assbackward country.

  3. blindrobin says

    All government spending actually trickles up eventually, but those holding the reins of these particular mules have just gotten impatient and want their bread without planting the wheat.

  4. blindrobin says

    The baby is in the bath and being held under by the mad uncle while it’s parents just watch and mutter Oh My! Oh My!

  5. says

    The Rethugs have been yapping about “uncertainty” in the tax code for a while now and blame it for all the ills of the economy. Unfortunately, as a tax professional, the truth is that uncertainty in the tax code is a given.

    ALL, and I mean ALL businesses (and individuals too) understand that their taxes cannot be done the exact same way from year to year because Congress is forever changing the way taxes are raised, deductions are allowed or not, credits are handed out or not, and on and on. Why do you think the IRS must send every taxpayer a thick booklet on how to fill out their taxes every year – even if you are filling out the so-called EZ form?

    Businesses do not make decisions about their businesses on the basis of whether there is “uncertainty” in the tax code. They never have. Because the tax code is the definition of the word uncertainty.

    Now what is uncertain right now is the economy. And their ability to sell their product or service. If you cannot sell – you cannot hire workers. That is the bottom line. It is no use making something or hiring workers to provide a service if no one is buying. And with the Rethugs cuttime even more people off the work lines (yes government jobs are real jobs!), cutting unemployment benefits, cutting food stamps, cutting welfare benefits, not raising the minimum wage, demanding give-backs from unions, busting unions, breaking contracts, raiding pensions, and doing everything they can to marginalize workers and push wages down, there is no one left who can afford to buy anything. This creates a death spiral downward from which there will be no recovery.

    It’s too bad the right does not understand this. That right-wing Nazi-sympathizer Henry Ford got it. He realized and put into practice “paying his workers a high enough wage that they could afford to purchase the automobiles they were building in the plants where they worked was the fastest way to assure success in his industry”. It worked – and made all his competitors quite angry. We need to re-learn the lessons of history.

  6. krissy says

    Being that republican economic policies always lead to failure no amount of small business hiring is going to turn this ship around if the govt keeps cutting jobs and services creating an economic death spiral (austerity).

  7. krissy says

    I just realized that me and lockywoky both called it a death spiral. its sad that its the only way to describe this mess.

  8. Sidney18511 says

    Free online book by Dr. Robert Altemeyer who studies the rightwing of the republican party since 1966. He explains how they think like they do. This book will scare the crap out of you because it lets you know how dangerous factions of the republican party can be, and where they will take this country if we let them. You can’t argue with them or change their minds because they don’t think for themselves.

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