A Field Whose Time Has Come And Gone

These fucken dumshittes still injecting agonist/antagonist shitte into fucken rat brains are fucken morons. There’s a reason that no fucken decent neuroscience journal will publish any of that fucken garbage: because it’s completely uninterpretable and is a field that should go away now that we have much more refined genetic and other methods to address the same questions.

American Exceptionalism

At what age do emotionally and cognitively unimpaired children generally learn that they are not uniquely central to the events that occur in the world, that they occupy a position of moral and practical equivalence to other children, and that their long-term happiness and satisfaction depends on recognizing these facts?

Is Mitt Romney A Sociopath?

Romney demonstrably possesses elements of the consciencelessness that is considered characteristic of sociopaths. This is exactly why he was so successful a venture capitalist: he was willing on behalf of investors to go in and kill weakened companies, feed off their carcasses, and destroy workers’ lives without any remorse or sympathy that could have led to decisions that would have lessened investor profits. This is also exactly why he is so heavily favored by the plutocrats as presidential candidate: he will be willing on their behalf to kill the weakened US economy, feed off its carcass, and destroy ordinary Americans’ lives without any remorse or sympathy that might lead to decisions that would slow the looting. I am not one for Internet psychiatric diagnosis, so it is up to you whether you want to call this sociopathy or not.

Shrimp Linguine

one pound linguine
one and a half pounds cleaned peeled shrimp
hugeasse fucketonne of garlic
dried thyme
fresh-ground black pepper
dried red pepper flakes
olive oil
one cup dry white wine
one cup fish stock
parmigiano reggiano for grating, if desired

Rough dice the garlic and sautee it in plenty of olive oil with black pepper, red pepper, and thyme.

Depending on the size of the shrimp, cut them into halves or thirds or whatthefuckever so that they are single bite size pieces, and sautee them until they are just barely done. Then remove them from the pan and reserve.

Turn up the heat and deglaze with the wine.

This is the baddeasse motherfucken concentrated fish stock made by our local fishmonger. Before you heat it up, it is like fucken jelly from the rendered fish bones and shitte. If you are using weaker shitte, then you probably want to use two cups of stock and reduce it more. This would be the case if you use bottled clam juice instead of fish stock (which is fine).

Add the fish stock and a handful of chopped cilantro and continue to vigorously reduce, salting to taste.

Drain the pasta after boiling in salty water until it is still crunchy in the middle (only about four or five minutes), and add it to the sauce along with one to two cups of the pasta water. Finish on high heat for just a minute or two, until the pasta is done and the sauce has firmed up.

Turn off the heat and mix back in the shrimp.

Plate, sprinkle, grate, and eat!

David Brooks Jackes Offe In Public To His WASP Prep School S&M Fantasy

Jeezus motherfucke:

If you went to Groton a century ago, you knew you were privileged. You were taught how morally precarious privilege was and how much responsibility it entailed. You were housed in a spartan 6-foot-by-9-foot cubicle to prepare you for the rigors of leadership.

The best of the WASP elites had a stewardship mentality, that they were temporary caretakers of institutions that would span generations. They cruelly ostracized people who did not live up to their codes of gentlemanly conduct and scrupulosity. They were insular and struggled with intimacy, but they did believe in restraint, reticence and service.

Emphases added in case you are having trouble feeling his pulsating boner throbbing out of the pages of the NY Times.

UPDATE: And just to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with WASP prep school S&M fantasies if thatte’s your thing. But please don’t splooge on me while you wank over them, thank you very much.