Diaper Cake Enthusiasts: The Gift Thatte Keeps On Giving

OMG, give me a fucking break! Why do people have to steal the joy from others. Diaper cake is causing you dumb asses to be like this then, you must have come from the place my parents come from that made me feel like trash when I had a menstruation and told me I was nasty for talking to boys. Get a life!! Go get laid real good and keep your minds off the petty shit. It’s a part of the beautiful shower decoration. I guess for my wedding shower, it will be against God to give me adult Toys? I want lots of them too!!!!
I am making at this moment………………….Yaaaaaaay! Poop in your face for all you fuckers who are against the diaper cake. So much more important shit in the world to be against. Hahahahaha!
Unhappy fuckers!!!!


  1. F says

    These are not pre-filled with diaper fish, I take it?

    Srsly, there are maybe three sane comments in those old threads. It’s like a slightly more coherent youtube comment section, with mildly better spelling. (OK. I looked again, and it seems like half the comments are sensible. The awful ones just made the whole barrel seem rotten.)

    I particulary enjoyed the first reply to the idiot sexist (or perhaps satirist) IronGator, by the equally idiotic (or is this also satire – maybe these two are from some street theater gang?) acmegirl.

    Diaper cake? Looks pretty stupid to me. But some people have plenty of time to make temporary crafts out of any old thing. I’d be more interested in a diapir cake, which has possibilities.

    Hey – is scrapbooking still a going concern?

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I don’t know if I could possibly bring myself to generate that much … anger, I guess … to respond like that to a 4 year old post.


  3. Kate from Iowa says

    Wow. Sounds like someone wants to get exquisitely wrapped empty boxes for the rest of her life.

  4. gingerest says

    Random drive-by commenters are still finding that zombie thread? OUT-fucking-STANDING.

  5. blindrobin says

    I think diaper cakes would be quite the party attraction with the addition of a sufficient quantity of naphtha to saturate and a match.

  6. Peter says

    New parents need diapers a whole lot more than they need cake, and if young people want something useful but pretty instead of a ton of empty calories and saturated fats I would certainly not argue.
    I agree that a diapir cake would be much more awesome, but beyond the skills of most crafters.

  7. Isis the Scientist says

    That post was one of the funniest things you have written. You really should get back to writing about the important issues.

  8. slc1 says

    Ah, the fucken Yankee fan is just out of sorts because his fucken Yankees lost last night.

  9. physioprof says

    I love this comment so much. First, it is magnificent that this person thinks that a random blogge post could possibly “steal the joy from others”. Second, it is magnificent that this person is writing their comment while either pooping or fantasizing about pooping.

  10. Shplane says

    At first, I was certain that this was a diaper fetish thing. Like, the “I am making at this moment………………….Yaaaaaaay!” remark honestly seemed to me like the person who wrote it was euphemistically talking about shitting themselves, and was ranting about you judging them for doing it. I thought that Diaper Cakes were something utterly horrible in ways that I can only imagine because I’ve been on the internet for way, way too long.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it was just another dumb baby thing.

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