Dear On-Line Peer Review System Designer

If you attempt to force me to provide a reason for declining to peer review a manuscript/grant and you won’t allow me to click “Decline” on your Web form without providing a reason, then I am just going to say “fucke you”, close the Web page, and neither decline nor accept. And then when you send me a follow up e-mail, I am going to ignore it.

So don’t be a fucken dumshitte and design your system like this. Kthxbai.


  1. Ysanne says

    “It’s a load of shitte” can be a perfectly good reason.
    What’s also annoying is that most systems don’t have any good place for the “I refuse to write a review for this piece of blatant plagiarism” comment that’s appropriate way too often. Also that certain journals’ editors seem to be incapable of understanding this sentence when they get it by e-mail, and repeat “please submit your detailed review in the on-line system” like a broken record.

  2. says

    Or you could just type, “decline” again. Or “N/A”. Follow up emails are annoying. (Unless I suppose they give you a forced choice set and don’t allow you to type in a reason.)

  3. Drugmonkey says

    There’s a word for people who seem to feel the world is out to personally annoy them for no good reason…..

  4. says

    Which site was this? Just curious because I’ve been playing with some mockups for a peer review site since I haven’t heard many good reviews of the current ones…

  5. says

    They just need a set of radio buttons …..

    This article is
    [ ] Full of holes you could get a bus through. Sideways.
    [ ] Copied and pasted from Wikipedia.
    [ ] Not even wrong.
    [ ] Unreadable for too many grammatical errors (every time you hurt the English language, you make the Queen cry).
    [ ] Reviewed below.

  6. Isis the Scientist says

    Do most people decline to review a paper because its a bad paper? That seems like a shitty reason to decline review.

    For me it’s something more like, “I cannot review this paper because my review will be due during a time when people may be exiting my vagina.” There’s no reason I should have to report that or any other reason to an editor. Review systems should accept “no thank you” and allow us to move on with our lives.

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