1. smhll says

    My husband keeps telling me that HE could manage the Red Sox better than their current manager. I’m usually skeptical of this claim, but it’s starting to smell better and better.

  2. gingerest says

    There is no Athletics win as satisfying as beating those rich kids in pinstripes.

  3. dab says

    Hey, PZ and Ed? Is this really what FtB is for? Why is this guy here? Is he just a friend of one of you whom you’re doing a favour by providing a scratchpad for silly posts full of swearing that is presumably meant to be more cool/funny/useful/whatever because it (pro)lapses into ye olde Englishe from time to time?

    The only thing I’ve seen of any substance is a repost from who-knows-when; all the current items are just daft tantrums that would be a waste of even a Twitter account.

    Just wondering!

  4. Midnight Rambler says

    the PIRATES (!!!!!!!!!!) lead the NL wild card and are half a game back of the Reds.

    Nevermind that – the Tigers are leading the AL Central and the NATIONALS are leading the NL East!!!!! If this isn’t a sign of the Apocalypse I don’t know what is.

  5. Sunny Day says

    Yeah be careful Comradde Physioproffe, I hear one of the reasons thunderfoot got kicked off FTB was because of his horrible writing style. But then we could be assuming too much integrity of PZ and you have nothing to worry about.

  6. newfie says

    Dab must be a real hit at parties.. constantly telling everyone what he doesn’t like about them.

    Who am I kidding? People like Dab never crawl out from under their rock and venture out where their words might have consequences. Fucken Chickenshit.

  7. gingerest says

    Thunderf00t got booted because he was a newcomer who fixated on the idea that open misogyny is protected speech, and that the role of FtB is to give every opinion, however misguided, a home. CPP was a commenter at various of the Scienceblogs before they were Scienceblogs. He’s got quite a bit of cred that Tf didn’t.

    Dab reminds me of poor crazy Isabel.

  8. DrugMonkey says

    CPP was a commenter at various of the Scienceblogs before they were Scienceblogs

    CPP was a co-blogger at the classiest blog of Scienceblogs before they went to pot. Not merely a “commenter”.

    Whether that gives him cred or not is neither here nor there…..

  9. DrugMonkey says

    Dab reminds me of poor crazy Isabel.

    Even Isabel has one or two arguable points, even if her presentation style is….interesting.

  10. Trebuchet says

    Physioproffe: I’ve only just learned that Ichiro Suzuki has been traded to the Yankees. You win. Since “my” Mariners have never figured out that trading away ALL of their best players is never going to build them a winning team, I think I’m a Yankees fan from now on. Fucke Yeah!

  11. gingerest says

    Oh, yes, I do remember and should have mentioned that CPP was your co-blogger. I got hung up on the length of time he’s been around (forever) at the cost of the nature of his contributions (commenter, then co-blogger, then free-standing blogger).

    Sometimes Isabel had a real point. Sometimes she just wanted to hold forth on her favorite theme “Everyone Is Against Me and I Would Dearly Love to Set Dr.Isis on Fire with My Mind.”

  12. Midnight Rambler says

    CPP was a co-blogger at the classiest blog of Scienceblogs before they went to pot.

    Which one was that? I admit I didn’t read any besides Pharyngula and Orac.

  13. slc1 says

    Fucken Alex Rodriguez broke his fucken hand and will be out for a while. Fucken Yankee fan is in mourning.

  14. Ava, Oporornis maledetta says

    slc1, I can’t resist a little Boston schadenfreude. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
    On the other hand, congrats on getting Ichiro. Shame they couldn’t give him his usual lifetime jersey number, 51.

  15. Trebuchet says

    Even if I switch to rooting for the Yankees because of Ichiro, I will continue to hate ARod. In which “A” stands for “Asshole”.

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