Shrimp Linguine

one pound linguine
one and a half pounds cleaned peeled shrimp
hugeasse fucketonne of garlic
dried thyme
fresh-ground black pepper
dried red pepper flakes
olive oil
one cup dry white wine
one cup fish stock
parmigiano reggiano for grating, if desired

Rough dice the garlic and sautee it in plenty of olive oil with black pepper, red pepper, and thyme.

Depending on the size of the shrimp, cut them into halves or thirds or whatthefuckever so that they are single bite size pieces, and sautee them until they are just barely done. Then remove them from the pan and reserve.

Turn up the heat and deglaze with the wine.

This is the baddeasse motherfucken concentrated fish stock made by our local fishmonger. Before you heat it up, it is like fucken jelly from the rendered fish bones and shitte. If you are using weaker shitte, then you probably want to use two cups of stock and reduce it more. This would be the case if you use bottled clam juice instead of fish stock (which is fine).

Add the fish stock and a handful of chopped cilantro and continue to vigorously reduce, salting to taste.

Drain the pasta after boiling in salty water until it is still crunchy in the middle (only about four or five minutes), and add it to the sauce along with one to two cups of the pasta water. Finish on high heat for just a minute or two, until the pasta is done and the sauce has firmed up.

Turn off the heat and mix back in the shrimp.

Plate, sprinkle, grate, and eat!


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