Disrespecting Real American Mitt Romney

Itte’s totally a kajillion times more disrespectful for these lazy freeloaders to criticize a Real American like Mitt Romney who is just trying to lift them out of their culture of laziness than it is for a redneck cracker congressman from a confederate state to shout YOU LIE! at the POTUS during the state of the union address. Don’t these people know their place??


  1. anon says

    Romney provoked the boos. See? Only the lazy freeloaders will be upset should he repeal Obamacare. Or if he supports voter suppression laws (which he said he will), then no one has to worry at all about what they think.

  2. Beaker says

    He got boos because the audience detected a lie. Nobody knows the future cost of Obamacare, but the best non-partisan estimates say that it will likely taxpayers money. Mitt told the audience it was going to cost more. He got booed for trying to feed them bullshitte.

  3. Kate from Iowa says

    That hairbrained bastard doesn’t deserve the PhysProffeing, Cuttlefish.

    Wow. Took me entirely too long to spell bastard correctly. That’s what a good, fresh growler of the new beer being introduced (tomorrow) at beerfest will do, I guess.

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