1. Luciano says

    He was one of my preferred actors, awesome in all of his movies!

    He was able to play good and bad guys and be credible in both roles. I still remember him in Marty (I watched it in the sixties, on the Italian state channel) and few years ago I loved him in the Italian movie “La cura del gorilla” (he has a great part in this movie, one of the last good Italian thrillers).He was awesome in all of his movies!


  2. Luciano says

    Yes, in “La cura del gorilla” he speaks Italian, far from perfect but understandable. And he has some of the best lines of the movie.

    My wife, a Texan, love that movie even because it’s one of the first Italian movies we found with English subtitles.


    PS: Marty was dubbed in Italian, as usual for foreign movies in my country, for me it’s still difficult to listen to old movies in original language as for me the “true” voice of the great actors of the past is the voice of the Italian voice actors. In the last 20 years I started to watch movies in the original language (it this language is English or French :-P) with subtitles, always in the original language.

  3. loquaxe says

    There you go!. M&M&M, the new way to live much longer and healthier. Who knew?. Sure somebody, even in these days of scarce funding, would get one of those huge NIH Innovator Awards on the subject, ha?. Hahahahahahaha

  4. Konradius says

    Of course, this is about the original ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. Not the remake from a couple of years ago. The original is better by far, even the stunts/visuals still look very convincing.

    The biggest star from the movie is a young Gene Hackman btw, playing a priest who could have used some ‘new atheist’ influences. The character is struggling with his faith and what I remember of it is that he would probably have embraced godless morality and then still would have come to the same conclusion at the end of the movie (suppressed because that’s a spoiler).

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