Getting What Republicans Say They Want

This kind of shitte is a completely predictable, expected, and intended outcome of the stated fiscal and political policy goals of sicke-fucke America-hating Republican scum:

From the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic, almost two million homes and businesses are still in the dark, and the heat, four days after violent storms caused heavy damage.

Many are now asking their local utilities why it’s taking so long to get the lights back on.

It’s very man/woman for him/herself, right? Self-sufficient racist white christian patriots don’t want “socialism” (i.e., their taxes going towards anything that benefits anyone other than their own delusional greedy selfish pigge selves), right? All they need is their guns and jeezus, right? Protecting the physical infrastructure of our nation is just some kind of elitest liberal plot to make everyone dependent on the federal government, right? TYRANNY! Right?


  1. says

    If Obama were allowed to pass a law that would guarantee a lot of people put back to work, the Republicans would not be able to say that Obama sucked at his job.

    That’s it, it’s completely political. The Republicans are holding this country hostage for political gain. Who cares about the everyman?

  2. Gregory in Seattle says

    I have been working on a short story about an elderly TPer who wakes up one morning and finds himself in EXACTLY the world he’s been demanding. Let’s just say that the thrill wears off very quickly.

  3. baal says

    My son and I were discussing the massive infrastructure fail yesterday. The maintenance responsibilities are given to very thinly capitalized subs who then don’t have adequate resources to do all the maintenance. Everything is fine until the system gets stressed like by a massive heatwave and then it can’t handle it and the missing maintenance makes the repairs that much harder.

    Worse, heat waves kill people. There will be a spike up in deaths due to heart attacks and heat exhaustion.

    Lastly, I occasionally play a little game in my head called, what if ___ actually got what it’s asking for. Your post title reminded me of it.

  4. Leo says

    @3 From the article you linked:

    “From 2008 to 2010, Pepco CEO Joe Rigby earned $8.8 million and Pepco top officers earned more than $22 million. During that same period, Pepco reported $882 million in profits, paid no federal and state income taxes and received $817 million in tax refunds.” Yet as the money rolled in, the Maryland Public Service Commission allowed Pepco to cut back on maintenance, in order to divert funds to dividends and management bonuses.

    Sounds like a conservative dream! The “job creators” of the company are earning their fair share and the company was perhaps deregulated. So his problem is liberals acting too much like conservatives?

  5. jaranath says

    Leo: Precisely.

    To be fair, while I believe deregulation and infrastructure neglect have made this worse, the problem still would have been massive and we still would be seeing long outages. I very much agree with the Comradde’s basic gripes about GOP attitudes toward utilities, but with the massive area affected, this probably would have overwhelmed any sane infrastructure and response capability. Probably. I admit I’m ignorant of (and curious about) what actual power distribution hazard mitigation opportunities went unexploited, and what the difference is in repair crews in those states today vs. the old days. People are expensive, a fact that seems to surprise Cons perpetually…I wonder if there was “streamlining” there.

  6. Mark says

    Wait, why haven’t the utilities blamed this blackout on Canada yet? It worked at diverting public anger over their failures and mismanagement in 2003, and it can work again.

  7. Funny Diva says

    Gregory in Seattle @4:
    Oooh, in your USA they extraordinarily render people to Somalia? Neat-o.

    (also, as it happens, in Seattle)

  8. says

    My mom has been chuckling over the Ayn Randians in Colorado who cut their police and fire and found that those whose houses had not been burned down have been robbed. Still, sad for those who didn’t want services cut.

    But hey, there is a role for government, who knew?

  9. says

    I live in Richmond, VA. We have been hit pretty hard in the last week, but what’s interesting is to watch the pattern of power restoration. The rich white people got power pretty much immediately. I live in one of the poorer neighborhoods, lots of non-white folks here, and according to the power company my street was in the last 2.5% of people to have their power restored. You could drive around and see that the nicer stores had power a few hours after the first storm hit, and the Save A Lot didn’t get power until late the next day.

    Not just because of class/race issues this week, either. There’s not a lot of money for infrastructure because of constant tax cuts, and guess which areas have the worst and hardest-to-repair equipment?

  10. leigh says

    well fuck, anyone who *really* wants air conditioning for the health of their heat-vulnerable new baby/elderly/ill person in their family will just shell out the $179/night to go hang out in a hotel with a generator. free market, motherfuckers! simple, see? freedom, eleventy!

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