Red Chile Pork Tacos

three pound boneless pork butt
five dried ancho chiles
five dried chipotle chiles
two habanero peppers (really fucken hotte)
two long light-green chiles (not hotte)
four long red chiles (kind of hotte)
shitteloads of garlic cloves
teaspoon ground cumin
teaspoon ground coriander
tablespoon dried oregano
two bay leaves
one pint veal or chicken stock
half cup Bulleit rye
half cup dry white wine
one pound tomatillos
half medium white onion
fucketonnes of cilantro
fresh corn tortillas
savoy cabbage
queso fresco

Dried and fresh chiles for the braising.

Nine garlic cloves for the braising.

Cumin, coriander, oregano, and bay leaves for the braising.

Bring a few cups of water to a boil, add the dried chiles after seeding and stemming them, turn off the heat, and steep for a half hour, stirring occasionally. Remove the reconstituted chiles from the steeping liquid and put in the blender. Add one habanero chile and the red long chiles (after seeding and stemming), and the nine garlic cloves. Add about one cup of the chile steeping liquid, and blend the living fucke out of it.

Add the stock, rye, wine, chile puree, and herbs/spices to your braising pot and bring to a boil. Add a little salt, but be careful, as the braising liquid is going to concentrate quite a bit.

Look at this beautiful butt! (No need to tie it, since you are going to pull it apart when it’s done, anyway. And this lets it cook faster and more evenly and render out more fat.)

Put the butt in the braising pot, cover, and turn the heat down to the lowest simmer. Allow to braise until falling-apart tender, close to four hours, turning and basting every so often.

Put the tomatillos, quartered half onion, six garlic cloves, and the seeded, stemmed, and halved long light-green chiles on a baking pan.

Broil until the tomatillos are completely cooked through and a little browned.

Put all the broiled shitte in the blender, add one seeded, stemmed habanero, a fucketonne of fresh cilantro leaves, and a pinch of salt, and blend the everloving fucke out of it. This is your tomatillo sauce for garnishing the tacos.

The fucken butt is DONE!

Reduce the shitte out of the braising liquid until it is suitable concentrated and extremely flavorful.

Pull apart the pork.

Add enough of the reduced braising liquid and stir in to make the pork nice and wet, but not sopping. Try to scoop in a decent amount of the rendered fat along with the liquid, as that shitte is infused with beautiful fucken flavor.


Warm the tortillas (we only use these) and plop on a generous dollop of braised pork butt.

Garnish and eat!

Fusilli With Mushroom Ragu And Basket Ricotta (VEGETARIAN!)

one pound fusilli
one pound mushrooms, roughly diced
one small/medium white onion, diced
one large and one small can crushed San Marzanos
one half cup Templeton’s rye
one basket ricotta (about three fourths pound)
chopped basil
dried thyme, oregano, basil
crushed red pepper flakes
fresh-ground black pepper
olive oil
parmigiano reggiano for grating

Sautee the onions with the dried herbs, cracked black, and red pepper, until they are nice and soft.

Throw in the mushrooms and continue to sautee until they stop giving off liquid.

Deglaze with the rye, and then take a nice bigge fucken swigge from the bottle.

Add the tomatoes and a good handful of basil, bring to a boil, then turn down to a low simmer and cook covered for about a half hour or forty five minutes, stirring occasionally, and salting to taste.

Here’s the basket ricotta. I had to taste a few spoonfuls to make sure it was safe to eat.

Sauce is pretty close to done. When it gets to this point, go ahead and boil the pasta very, very molto al dente in salty water, add about one cup of the pasta water to the sauce, drain and throw the pasta in the sauce, turning up the heat so it comes to a vigorous simmer.

Finish the pasta until it is al dente, and then turn off the heat.

Dump in the ricotta, and stir well to incorporate fully.

Cover and allow to rest for a minute or two.

Plate, grate, sprinkle, EATTEEE!!!!!!!!1!1!!!111!!!


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